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Debt Reduction is Going out the Window for a While


I pretty much gave up with getting our repair to our house done because winter is basically here and no one was returning my calls. I decided that the money would be great to go towards the first two months of our health insurance since we are playing with borrowed time not having coverage.

The phone rang today, and it was the handiman calling. He wanted to know if I still wanted the repair done. Since the other option I had was to rig the repair and hope for the best, of I said yes. But – I no longer have the money set aside for the repair so now we are in a pickle. The repair will run $900.

I haven’t run all of the numbers yet, but I’m pretty sure we can come up with the extra money. It is going to be rough, and I have a feeling we may have to use the credit cards just to get through Christmas. I’m not 100% on that yet, so there is still hope. There’s also hope for some sort of a bonus which would be a checkbook saver right now.

Anyways, time to crunch some numbers…


  • Reply Joane |

    Don’t get discouraged. It’s a minor, but necessary, blip. Keep patting yourself on the back – you are doing just fine. And, if you must think of this in financial terms – remember, you are taking care of your biggest asset – your home.

  • Reply D |

    Your doing great, this is just life. You are still moving forward, don’t believe me? Look at your own front page….what was your debt earlier this year?????

    The best thing is this is one less worry and stress to deal with. All at the same time keeping your family safe and sound. Seems to me it is worth the cost.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Reply eva |

    It’s just a blip on the radar screen. You’ve got a plan and you’re motivated to push forward, so don’t worry. “Stuff” happens. 🙂

  • Reply Jen |

    I agree with the others.. This stuff happens! And I can’t remember if you ever said what the repair is, but the $900 spent now could very well save you a lot more in the future.

    As for Christmas money… Maybe you and your husband could agree on getting each other very inexpensive gifts to make room in the budget for your son’s presents?

    Also, I met a woman a few weeks ago who does something neat with her friends for Christmas. They get together for a meal, and the rule on gift giving is each gift has to be $1 or less! I thought it was great idea. After all, the most important thing was they got to spend time together. And it was fun to see how each person stayed under the spending limit. That might be an idea to consider…

  • Reply Matt |

    We all encounter these from time to time; my car did the same thing to me a little while back costing me $1000 that I wasn’t expecting. I’ve manage to wiggle around it but I ended up having to use my credit cards. Sometimes there’s nothing that can be done about it.

  • Reply Mandi |

    H&R Block is doing this thing new this year. Up to $1500.00 of your income tax can be taken out on a loan. You take your check stubs up and they do a “estimate” of your tax return and approve you for up to $1500. You pay it back by February 19 with the tone of 36 APR%. As that sounds like $540, it only worked out to be about $150.

    The hardest part was chasing my newly walking 11 month old.

    Personally I didn’t like the idea even though it wasn’t bad. Having just recently lost our income, we needed something over the holidays, and a reliable vehicle. So yeah, it helped. We just got our check today.

So, what do you think ?