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Credit Card Debt Update = $25,310


I spent the weekend paying off some debt that was coming due, and paid $300 extra to one of our credit cards. That brings our credit card debt total to $25,310.

I changed my chart up in the top right hand corner. It was getting pretty long (and will continue getting longer as time goes by), so I decided to put the chart on it’s own page. Just the starting and current balance will be shown on the front page of the blog. I also put how much we paid off, to help keep me motivated. This time of year will be rough with the holidays, and I want to try to keep the progress going strong.

You may remember that I had some home repair that I needed done before winter. Well, winter is now here and the repair is not done. I couldn’t get someone out here to do it. That’s sad when you have work for someone and no one seems to want to do it (probably because it’s not a huge project). So, that will lead us to be a little creative and try to “rig” the repair to make it through until spring and we’ll try again to get someone out here. If we can’t get someone to do it, I guess my husband and I will have to give it a shot. That will be funny LOL.

So that money that was saved up for the repair ($900) will now be used to pay our first two months of health insurance and will pay for me to further my education by getting some books. I really wanted to put $310 more towards our debt to bring the total under $25,000 right now – but that would have put things way too tight for my comfort. I will have to wait until later in the month after more paychecks arrive. But, if for some reason the health insurance only needs one month in advance, then 1/2 of the money set aside is going towards the debt πŸ™‚


So, what do you think ?