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Thank You For Listening to My Problems


Yesterday, when I posted about my problem with my repairs, I realized a few things after reading everyone’s comments:

1.) I need to start thinking more about myself. While I believe the way I think about others and their feelings helps in some regards and is part of who I am, there is a point where it isn’t very healthy. I think I’m at that point. I need to start remembering that I need to take care of my needs.

2.) Even though a big thing happening for us is the debt reduction, I have been taking time to write and just think about me – and how I tick. I think understanding myself a little better will lead to improvements in myself that will help increase our overall financial position.

3.) I have AWESOME readers, and I can’t thank you enough for commenting and reading, even though I sometimes may go off the topic of debt reduction.

Anyways, just a quick public note to everyone for reading and commenting and helping me figure out things. It is appreciated 🙂


  • Reply Maria |

    You’re so candid about your money issues and its refreshing to see someone not hide what a difficult journey it can be.

    You’re an inspiration truly!

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