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I Followed Your Advice, and Said Something About My Glasses


I went back to my eye doctor for my contact lens check-up and mentioned the gap between the lens and the frame on my eyeglasses. The technician took a look, and immediately he said that the wire bottom probably needs to be tightened. He went back to their eyeglass repair room and he came back about 5 minutes later.

I think I took 5 minutes inspecting his work…LOL.

They looked much better, and I attracted the attention of the Optical Manager because I was really inspecting them. She asked what the problem was and I told her about the gap.

She took the glasses from me, and pretty forcefully checked the lenses to make sure they weren’t going anywhere and they didn’t. She asked the technician what he did and he told her he tightened the wire. Then, she apologized to me. She said that they should not be getting the glasses in when they are not properly tightened.

I expressed concern about the wires since I know they can break. She told me that they would replace the wires should they ever break, and that offer extends for as long as I own my glasses. That put my mind at ease a little.

They did make it right, but I think next time I may go somewhere else for my frames. It will mostly depend on how well these glasses hold up.

Thank you to everyone who commented and told me to take my glasses back 🙂


  • Reply mapgirl |

    I’m no mallrat, but I get my glasses done at Lenscrafters and every once in a while, if they’re not busy, I have them adjust my glasses for me.

    Sometimes I shove my glasses under my pillow so I can find them when I wake up. It bends them out of shape and I frequently needed metal/wire framed glasses adjusted.

    They wipe your lenses clean, tighten the screws and check the fit. It’s good stuff!

  • Reply Tricia |

    I don\’t know about you, but I can never get my lenses as clean as the professionals do!

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