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You Know What They Say…You Get What You Paid For


Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for me. We went to pick up my brand new glasses. After I put them on, everything was so clear and I felt better about spending the money to purchase them.

Really, the price I paid for them was less than I would pay somewhere else. It’s always nice to get a good deal. But I think my glasses are going to be an example of a purchase that perhaps you want to pay a little bit more for.

After taking a closer look at my glasses, I see that there are gaps between the lens and the frame on the right side. It sticks out to me like a sore thumb, especially after taking the time to bend and shape my old frugal glasses. It appears that the lens is the incorrect size for the frame.

I’m still deciding on whether I am going to say something about the quality when I go back on Monday for a lens check (I am also getting the prescription for contacts).

Do you think I should say something? Am I being over-critical? Anyone else have a similar experience and care to share some advice?

As always…thanks! 🙂


  • Reply Steve Heath |

    Definately say something. My experience with optomotrists (sp?) is that they can very easily adjust all kinds of things to make it perfect for you, they just need the feedback about what is wrong with it.

    If it’s bothering you already this far into it, if you don’t fix it now, in a few months you’ll be driven so batty you go buy another pair.

  • Reply Kira |

    Also, this increases the likelihood that if you drop them or something, the lenses will fall out of the frame.

  • Reply Maggie |

    No! Take them back! Glasses are something you depend on everyday. If the cost make you sick, calculate the cost per wear. Remember, You should be happy with what you see when you look in the mirror. Treat yourself well by getting decent glasses. They are worth a little extra.

  • Reply Eva |

    Take them back! Having skimped about 6 months ago and not gotten my glasses directly from my doctors office, I’m now having to get a whole new pair. Don’t accept anything that isn’t exactly what you want. You might have to pay a bit more for the quality, but when it has to do with your health (eye health in this case) it’s worth the extra money. You’ll end up paying more in the long run (like I did).

  • Reply Jen |

    Absolutely make them fix them!!! I’ve been wearing glasses since the third grade, and I’ve never had a new pair where there was gap between the lens and the frame.

    Also, if the lens is the incorrect size for the frame, then that also means the center of the lens is not aligned with your pupil. This means you aren’t seeing things as clearly as you could, or over time, your glasses will bother you because things are a little off.

  • Reply D |

    Of course take them back. I don’t care what the price was you deserve to have a quality product from the get go.

  • Reply carol |

    YEs, please take them back!The may be less expensive than the others, but you still paid for a service and a product to do a certain job!

  • Reply Karen |

    My glasses have a gap between the lens and the frame on the outside. It’s the way they are supposed to be….but….if yours are not, then they need to fix them, definitely!!! Lots of eyewear companies in my area have a “satisfaction guaranteee” advertised that if you are not happy for any reason, even if you just don’t like them, they will switch them out. I would mention that, and don’t be afraid to speak to a manager if necessary!

  • Reply Amber |

    Definately double check and make sure they’re right. My glasses have to last me 4 years (I can get a new pair every two and my perscription doesn’t change much so I alternate between getting new glasses and getting new sunglasses) they’re definately an investment you need to be correct.

  • Reply Zach Graham |

    That’s one of those things you don’t want to skimp on. I made a similar (regretful) decision by buying a cheaper frame for my glasses. Not long after buying them I noticed the paint on the glasses was chipping off, revealing the metal underneath. I don’t know how this could have happened, I treat all of my stuff very carefully, with kid gloves almost.

  • Reply Tricia |

    Thank you everyone for leaving your thoughts! I will say something on Monday, after I get my prescription for my contact lenses 😉

    Sometimes I just worry about being one of those customers that complains at the smallest things. But you all are right – even though I paid less for the glasses doesn’t mean I should put up with poor quality.

So, what do you think ?