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Whew – Made it Through My First Day of School


This morning started off on the wrong side of the bed. My husband and I were snoozing away when my son comes into our room, “Time to wake up!” I instantly sit up in bed and start freaking out because it’s very light out. I look at the clock – we have 10 minutes before the bus gets to our house!

We rushed and rushed, but we made it outside just in time. I was just about to take the traditional “first day of school” picture and the bus turned the corner. Unfortunately, the camera batteries were dead and without time to run in for more – the moment was lost.

My son just laughed. He doesn’t like getting his picture taken.

Out of habit from his preschool days, I got on the bus with my son and gave him a kiss goodbye. I felt pretty silly afterwards, but I claim the “first time mommy putting her son on the bus” excuse πŸ™‚

Keeping to my word, I rode my bike to the school and anxiously waited for his bus…and waited…and waited. Then, I saw it drive right by the school doors because the kids were already let off. All of them filed into the school, but my son was no where to be found! My heart dropped into my stomach right there. I almost went into panic mode, but I kept my cool. I checked the cafeteria and I didn’t see him there. I went back to the hallway and he wasn’t there.

Why, oh why, did I let him pick out a blue shirt to wear today? I swear every little boy was wearing blue!

Still trying to remain calm, I checked the cafeteria again. Still no sign of him. By this time, all of the kids are heading to their class so that’s where I headed next. I felt so helpless. I could only hope he was already in his class, but he wasn’t there either. I went out into the hallway and finally…there he was. He was putting his backpack in his locker. I tapped him on the shoulder and started telling him how sorry I was because I didn’t see him come in and didn’t meet him like I promised.

He just told me, “Go away mom” in the embarassed tone frequently used by teenagers. So I stepped away.

After he closed his locker, he came up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. Then he said, “Have a good day back at home.”

Yes, the first day was tougher on mom than it was him. I am pretty darn proud of my little, er big guy πŸ™‚


  • Reply Carol |

    Hi, I went to take pictures of my children this first day of school(also) and my camera batteries were also dead! How about tomOrrow!

  • Reply Sara |

    That story is one for his baby book – so funny, you made my laugh out loud!

    This afternoon I picked up my youngest son from preschool and said, “I missed you today, buddy, did you miss mommy?” He says “nope” in this nonchalant sort of way. It was only his third day EVER of being in school – couldn’t he at least have pretended to have missed me??? So, I’m with ya, girl!

  • Reply D |

    My son still tells his friends how his mom sat outside his class crying the first day of school. It is just so hard. He’s my baby.

    He still is my baby, just 6 feet of him now. I still get emotional even now with new stuff. But he is a good son and I always get hugs and I love you mommy. Yes, at 16 he has decided it is ok to call me mommy again. I love it!!!

  • Reply Tricia |

    Today went smoother and I put brand new batteries in the camera. It still didn’t work! I’m not sure how he keeps lucking out not having to get his picture taken (although, school pics are next week ;)).

  • Reply Lisa |

    OMG – how funny! Today was MY son’s first day of school (2nd grade). He needed to be at the bus stop at 7:30am. I programmed the alarm for 6:30am BUT APPARENTLY FORGOT TO SET IT TO COME ON. So at 7:14 this morning, I magically woke myself up and realized “OH CRAP!!!! We’re LATE!”.

    I was quite impressed with the way that my husband, myself, and my son were able to get out the door to the end of our driveway at 7:28, lunch made, backpack in hand. That said, I was wearing my jammies under my jacket, but who cares. We took pictures of me (looking very sleepy) and my son (who still had sheet wrinkles plastering his face and head).

    What a funny coincidence!!

  • Reply Tricia |

    LOL – I love the part about the sheet wrinkles! My son had a few of those too.

    I have two alarm clocks and we only woke up on time one day out of the four. I think me and the hubby need to get to sleep earlier. It’s hard with him working nights (and I stay up until he gets home). OR – put an alarm clock in my son’s room. Hmm…that could be an idea.

  • Reply Jennifer, Snapshot |

    Funny story. Sounds like the boy is on the ball. Don’t worry, it sounds like he’s going to make sure you keep everything on task.

  • Reply Pass the Torch |

    So often that’s true, isn’t it?? We think and worry about them all day and they’re off having a ball.

    Glad all went well;)

    Home of Pass the Torch Tuesday

  • Reply Kailani |

    I know first day of preschool was hard for me. I think I’ll be a total wreck by the time Kindergarten starts!

    Here via Carnival of Family Life.

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