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Frugal Glasses No More…


Back in May, I revealed a trick I used when my glasses broke. I called them my frugal glasses.

Well, not too long after that post, they broke. I shopped around, and couldn’t find a pair of sunglasses that would work with my lenses. Luckily, my mom sent me some of her old frames and I have been using them ever since May. The lenses did not fit well at all…but I was buying more time before I had to spend money for brand new ones.

Things were working out well. I had a few pairs of contacts I could put in when I ventured out of the home, and at home I would wear my glasses. I just had to be very careful with the lenses.

Well, last week a lens popped out and my vision is very poor without my glasses. I’m not sure what happened, but when I found my lens there was a big scratch on it. Upon further inspection, there are tons of little scratches all over the lenses. No wonder I have been squinting so much.

I made the appointment last Saturday and my appointment was today. I thought for sure I would cancel the appointment, but I did go. I knew I couldn’t buy any more time and I just had to spend the money.

The total bill came to $249.00 at Wal-Mart for the glasses and the eye exam. There’s a bit of good news, my eyes didn’t change much at all. Now that I know my vision is fairly stable, I plan on buying a new pair of glasses with my current prescription before it expires in two years. That way if my new glasses break I’ll have a back-up. And, I picked frames that have smaller lenses so I have a better chance of finding sunglasses that would work as frames if I have to do that again 😉

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    It’s been two years since you made this post (I was clicking through some of the “random posts” at the bottom of your post today Credit Card Update $8473) and I wanted to tell you my glasses from Costco two years ago were $240. I wear progressives (trifocals but no lines!) so they were more expensive than an easier prescription. If you don’t have a Costco card, maybe a friend has one that you could go in with. It’s time for me to buy new glasses, especially since I fell in the pothole at the mall and have a giant scrape nearly in my line of vision on the right lens. I will definitely be going with Costco again. $50 for the examination. $240 for my frames, with progressive lenses and magnetics sunglass clip-ons. I’m sure you’ll spend less for single prescription lenses.

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