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Ways I Save Money: My Husband and I Work Opposite Shifts


I work the day shift and my husband works the night shift. It has put a strain on our marriage because we do not see each other very often, but it definitely has helped our checkbook. I don’t recommend that every couple do this, but it has worked to save us money.

1.) We only need one car. Even before I began working from home, one car was all that we needed with our alternating schedule.

2.) Because the working spouse has the car, the other spouse stays at home. Most days are “no spend” days because of this.

3.) No daycare costs because one of us is always home to watch our son. An added benefit is that we have been able to watch him grow up and at least one of us was home to witness the major milestones.

It is rough having a schedule like this, and only recently we both have obtained weekends off together. We just make sure we try to do at least one fun thing on the weekend like go to the Lake or sometimes go for a hike. Things that are inexpensive, but things that we enjoy doing as a family.

At some point, perhaps when our son is in school full-time we will be able to work the same shifts but who knows? Maybe then we will have another child. That is something that is still being decided upon 😉


  • Reply D |

    I think it is wonderful that you both have chosen this sacrafice of your time together. I know for a fact that you will reap big rewards from this later – especially your little guy. And isn’t that what parenting is all about.

    I know we worry about money a lot, but in the end it doesn’t even rank in the top 5 of our lives.

  • Reply Anthony |

    My wife and I are doing the exact same thing. I work all night, she works all day. We’ve never had to put our two year old in daycare. It’s been a blessing, really.

  • Reply ciwood |


    No financial plan can survive a divorce!!!

    Find time to nurture your marriage and be sure that you are both on the same page at all times.

  • Reply Emily |

    My husband and I are doing the same. I returned from maternity leave a week ago and it’s difficult leaving the baby and not getting to my husband very often. He’s doesn’t get weekends off, so we never have a full day together.

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