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Interesting Links for the Day…


Yep, one of those days again. I just don’t have anything to say. Probably because my brain hurts from thinking a lot today at work.

So, here’s some links to some articles that I’ve found interesting lately:

The Relationship Between Clutter and Debt
I liked this article. I am finding that as our debt is decreasing, I want to decrease the clutter in our house as well. I believe The Family CEO is onto something here…

Freezer Comes Tomorrow
Besides cracking up over the picture on this article, I learned a few new things to that one can freeze. Informative read.

Last Post Before Wedding and a Confession
With a juicy title like that, I just had to look. It turns out, calgirlfinance hasn’t told her very soon-to-be husband everything yet. Interesting. Part of me wonders how things would be today if I didn’t tell my husband.

I hope you enjoy 🙂

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  • Reply The Family CEO |

    Thanks for the mention; I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’ve written about decluttering and donating and I’ve got a third post planned about deducting (as in from your taxes).

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