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July Monthly Debt Payments


This month is looking pretty sweet in terms of minimum debt payments:

Mortgage: $323
Auto Loan: $258 (will be paid off in September – only 2 more payments!)
School Loans: $208
Credit Cards: $378
Prosper Loan: $113

Total Payments: $1280

NOTE: There is one credit card that I transferred a balance to that has not issued the first statement yet, so the credit card payments will be higher in August.

Debt to Income Ratio: 34%

June’s Payments:

Total Payments: $1,513
Debt to Income Ratio: 45%

Awesome to see both numbers go down 🙂


  • Reply Lisa |

    You know what’s REALLY cool…you look at those monthly payments. If you get everything else out of the way, everything except the mortgage, that’s $957 per month that can go towards STUFF, or SAVING, or GIVING away! Isn’t it amazing! What will you do with all that MONEY!!??!!

    Way to go, girl!

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