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A Note to Prosper Borrowers – Be Careful


Last night when I was writing my post on my phone call with Prosper, I all of a sudden became a little worried. What if it wasn’t someone from Prosper that called me? A lot of talk is occuring of being careful of fradulent borrowers, but fraud can occur to borrowers as well.

My phone call was just asking about my phone number, but what if the caller started asking for more information trying to scam me? So borrowers, don’t give out any information such as your social security number, driver’s license number or bank account number without making sure it is Prosper.

Prosper understands the concern, because I actually sent an email to customer service asking if someone from there called me. In their reply that I received this morning, they even stated, “I understand your concern.”

Don’t be afraid to say, “May I call you right back at the number on the website?” and just explain that you are cautious. When dealing with so much personal information, they should understand which they clearly did with me.

Sorry if I sound preachy, but please just be careful.

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