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Credit Card Debt Update – $31,965


I’ve been waiting all month to get the statement for Credit Card #2 today so I could update my debt. As you can tell in my little “chart” there is a significant change from April 30. Today has actually been a bummer of a day for other reasons (I’ll write later on that), but seeing that number puts a smile to my face.

I have to give a lot of credit to my tax return. It really gave a jump start to reducing my debt. Now, from this point forward, the only way I will be able to reduce that number is from our income and possibly from selling some personal items. I no longer have large chunks of money coming to use towards debt.

I admit, I am a little nervous but I’m so ready to see where this goes and see what happens. I wonder how I will feel when I can write, “Credit Card Debt Update – $0”. I smile ear to ear just thinking about it 🙂

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    Looks like you’re making a good progress on your credit card, keep it up! I simply hate to see anybody paying interest money to any loan sharks. Tax return or not, at least you should congratulate yourself for not taking the chance of spending those money away, right?

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