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When I Grow Up, I Want to be in Debt


I look at my four-year old son, and I realize that I do not have a savings account for his education. I can’t justify at this moment putting money away to save for his college fees when I am paying 16% plus in credit card interest. It makes more sense to use any extra money that I may have to pay down my credit cards.

I do feel bad though. I hope that he can get scholarships or perhaps get grants. I almost wonder if I should start entering him in kid scholarship contests or something. Maybe by some twist of fate my debt will dwindle down and I can finally start putting away something for his education.

Now, I do not want to give my son a free-ride through college. It seems as though sometimes when things are just given to you, you do not necessarily appreciate it. I’d like to help my son, but I want him to work for what he wants as well.

I am truly dreading how much college will cost in 2019.

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