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Summer Plans


By way of update, I have provided everything my ex-husband needed to get the children their passports.  I learned that he and the kids had to stand in line for near 5 hours on Saturday morning b/c the location he chose was that crowded.  I don’t understand him but also know it is not my job to point out to him the multiple options that would NOT have a wait for a passport.  Sucks that my kids have to experience this sort of thing with him but it’s important that they see the reality.  So they will be going on their cruise in the late summer and I pray for the best out of the entire experience.  Nothing has changed in dealing with him at this point.  He did have the kids call to say they’d be coming by to get DD’s bathing suit on Saturday.  My first reaction was to get her swim bag ready but then I remembered that I have to approach things differently now. I asked to speak to him and then advised he needs to buy her a swimsuit.  He wasn’t pleased and hung up.  He seems to want to treat me poorly, dump the kids as he sees fit and then have me available to do what I’ve always done.  He can’t have it both ways.

As for my summer travel, I read and thought about all of your comments.  I’ve decided to challenge myself to save a separate little nest egg from my PC business and my ongoing selling of things on craigslist and ebay.  If I save $1,000 by the proposed late July travel date, I do.  If I don’t, I stay home.  I will not lose money on the airfare.  If I cancel I just get the credit on Southwest.  I won’t be putting money down on the condo so there’s no risk on that front.  I feel comfortable with this decision as it sets limits and both addresses the danger of impulsive decisions but also is realistic.  For the last few months (as I’ve shared) I’ve had some tough days where I fear I am about to go out and spend crazy, unplanned money!  So far I’ve done well to avoid bad decisions but remember I even had to take random purchases back to the store?  I don’t want to be a nomad in the desert.  I honestly worry that when the debt is paid off I am going to go crazy and in the span of just a short time, be back in debt.  I want to learn to be balanced and measured about it and I think this Puerto Rico thing is a test.  I’ll have to be very honest with myself and with all of you if this test is to work and be most beneficial.  Fingers crossed.

Now I’m off to find stuff to sell…