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How long can we hang on…


My husband and I sat down with sharpened pencils and sketched out a plan of action. We would have sketched this out earlier but we just received the unemployment numbers on Friday.

The big question…

How long can we hold on without my husband’s job?

Our initial numbers (without unemployment benefits) put us at 8 weeks. Our reductions to debt paired with our cash in savings and unemployment benefits put us at…

9 months.

Had this happened before we had taken control… had this happened before we made the decision to live below our means and reduce debt… we would have made it through a month, maybe two tops.

But now, we’re looking at 9 safe months. 9 months to find a job before things get hairy. Sure we won’t make progress other than minimums and we certainly won’t eat anything other than Ramen noodles but, we can hold on.

I have four words to say –

Thank. You. Dave. Ramsey.

Optimism in Finances…


I’m trying to be optimistic about our new spending habits and decided on…

My Top 5 Reasons Why Living Within Your Means (Especially While Broke) is Totally and Completely Awesome

#1) For once in my life, I’m not all that concerned about a purse snatching. The days of credit cards in my wallet are long gone. If a thief can profit off my purse containing only a Costco card, a snotty tissue, and a pair of tweezers… more power to him.

#2) My husband and I get to try ‘experimental’ cuisine!

The old me used to take grocery lists to the store with silly items like: Expensive pre-cooked chicken, organic herbs, fine chocolate, $3 avocados…

Now my list reads: Anything on sale.

If anyone knows a good recipe for pigs intestine, Safeway brand peanut butter, and Ragu pasta sauce, please pass it my way.

#3) When solicitors come to my door peddling everything from magazine subscriptions to pest control, I can say, ‘We can’t afford it at this time’ and for the first time, it isn’t a bold faced lie.

#4) I finally have a sense of value. I value everything I have worked for….

And I think about how much I could get for it on EBay.

If my husband comes home tonight and all the furniture is gone…

I didn’t auction it off, we were robbed. Or at least, that’s my story.

#5) My husband and I are forming a tighter bond in our marriage. No, we aren’t ‘holding to each other during these trying times’ or whatever romantic notion you have, we simply cut back on our cable tv. Since neither of us are fans of the Public Broadcasting Telethon nor the 50,000th re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond, we are forced to…


After 15 seconds of that garbage (wink), we warm up the Nintendo and shoot the crud out of each other in Contra.

Bonding I tell you, Bonding.

Hmm. Maybe this optimism thing isn’t so bad. What do you have to add? What makes you smile about living within your means?