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Big News…


Our finances have taken another crazy turn. Remember when I said we were going to pay everything off by early/mid 2011?

That was before November 10th.

What changed on November 10th?

We found out about my July 2011 hospital stay…

To have our first baby.

I’m so sorry not to have told you earlier. I wanted to wait until the promotion/raise was settled. The very last thing I wanted to have hanging over my head at the negotiating table was my impending short term disability. Then after the promotion, I didn’t want to say, ‘Hey, thanks for the promotion. Can we talk about temps now? Cause I’m preggo.’

So how will this change things for our debt? We decided to pay regular payments in December and January but after that, we’re pushing the pause button on our debt reduction and stashing cash.

After the baby is born, we are hoping to have enough left over to pay one big payment and kill our remaining debt.

How will the blog change? The most important part, I’ll still work to reduce spending, save money, and smile while doing it. I’ll have a counter that has the amount in our savings. Our debt will stay fairly stagnant but our savings will grow leaps and bounds.

I hope you’ll stay to read the journey. The next five or so months will be an interesting ride.

I am sooooooo very excited.

The Great Pee Debacle of 2010…


I laughed out loud when Angie brought up ‘The Great Pee Debacle of 2010’ in her comment on yesterday’s post. (For those who missed ‘the great pee debacle’, see the house-sitting post here for an explanation)

Seriously awesome name for a bad experience. Totally worthy of a blog title.

A few people brought up the dog sitting/roommate mess and to be honest, yes, that is a big part of the reason my husband is done with roommates. Even now, we both grumble a bit when mopping our warped floors and we were disappointed we couldn’t sell our old couches because of the pee stink.

I forgot to mention that our raises will cover the amount we usually receive in rent (when you don’t charge much in the first place, you don’t miss it) and will actually enable us to pay a little more than we usually do on debt. Our emergency account is fully funded again.

We came out ahead!! Yes!

And for the inquiring minds… the person who house-sat for us and caused ‘the great pee debacle of 2010’ is moving in with my brother when they close escrow.

My husband, who is normally the sweetest man on the planet, let an evil grin slip out when he heard the news. I think I even heard him sing a song about Karma while mopping the warped floor.