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Book Club: The Quest for Happiness


We are on chapter 4 this week in our book club. The quest for happiness…that is what it boils down to, doesn’t it?

Most everything we do on a daily basis is either directly or indirectly related to seeking fulfillment, happiness. How we spend our time? How we spend our money? Even how we spend our thoughts?  They all come back to seeking to fulfill an intrinsic need within ourselves.  Vicki refers to it as happiness.

Three Questions

This quest for happiness is broken down further by three key questions.

  • Are you receiving fulfillment, satisfaction and value proportional to the life energy you expend on a a task? Hello! This is a question that runs through my head constantly now. Especially at those moments when I want to just sit and veg in front of a screen. But also at times when I consider a job opportunity or client project.
  • Is this expenditure in line with your values and life purpose? I have given up so much and settled for so much in the last few years in particular that really are not in line with my values or purpose. Now I’m really focusing on a finding balance between work and my life’s purpose because my work is certainly not it. It’s a means to an end.
  • How would my use of energy change IF I didn’t have to work for money? This one has about given me an ulcer. My life would be completely different if I didn’t have to spend so much of my time working for money. And this is the key to the change I am implementing now as I build my business – balance, maybe not evenly balanced, but more balanced.

Balancing Responsibility with Passion

I believe many who have read this blog for a while would say for most of the last 14 years, I have skewed my life’s priorities towards my passion rather than responsibility. Resulting in the financial mess that is my life. They are right.

I suck at that balance. But in the last couple of years, I have made much more responsible decisions (not all, but a lot more.) And as a result, have HATED my life. I’ve hated living. Oftentimes, I haven’t seen much purpose in living.

Now I know life is not about being happy. And I am constantly preaching that life is not fair and we all have to do things we don’t want to. And here is where my point comes in, there has to be a balance.

A balance between passion and responsibility. Not saying that your passion has to cost money or make you less responsible. But it is important to have both in your both life. Otherwise, you lose yourself. Lose your purpose.

I know, I’ve definitely been there this year…ALOT. I’m so grateful for a new perspective.

Discussion Questions

  1. What’s on your bucket list? Are you taking steps to actually get to fulfill this wish list?
  2. What is your calling, the work of your heart and soul?

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