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Ooh, ooh, ooh, I got a new job!


Ok, no, I’m not switching careers and I’m not losing any of my current work. But I thought it was really cool how the part time job I had this past summer has come back again.  As you will recall from April through October of last year, I worked part time, outside the home at a local office doing general admin work.  I eventually resigned as it was just too much with everything else.

Well, needless to say I left on really good terms and really liked my boss.  I wrote about my resignation here.  Well, about a month ago, she contacted me about doing some work on their website…I went in met with her and did a couple of hours of work on the site.  Well, yesterday I went back in for a second meeting with her and her boss…and now I’m on a small monthly retainer with them to maintain and support their website and social media.  Woot, woot!

It’s not a lot of money, but it is regular income I can count on, more than replaces the part time income I was getting last summer and I can do it from home.  A giant win all around!  And I truly do enjoy working for this boss, I really admire her!

The Part Time Job


I’ve bitten off more than I can chew…so this past weekend I resigned my part time job, and I felt horrible about it.  One because I really enjoyed just getting out of the house and my typical routine and being around other adults and just doing mundane tasks that I didn’t have to bring home.  Oh, and the bi-weekly deposits into my newer emergency fund were nice.

I went in for what I assumed would be my last day this past Friday, and realized just how much I appreciate and respect my boss there.  She is rock steady, a micro manager without being a micro manager and I didn’t want to lose that relationship I’ve started to build with her.  I didn’t want to quit.  So I let her know the circumstances and offered to just come in on Fridays and do project work.  And she took me up on it!

So what was a part time job, is now really only going to be a few hours per week, but I think it’s a good compromise and I’m glad it worked out for both of us.

Since this money really only funded my EF it won’t really affect my  debt payoff journey, but will continue to contribute to my baby steps to become more financially sound in the long run.  Baby steps!