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Move-In Costs


I’m writing this before my meeting with a lawyer, so I’m not sure whether any of this may change, but…..

The plan is for me to get keys for my new rental on 9/1. My move is scheduled for 9/2.

Move-in Costs Include:

  • $1245 – September rent
  • $150 – One time application processing fee from the Property Management company
  • $1495 – Security deposit

That’s already nearly $3,000 right off the bat.

I’ve reserved a 17″ U-Haul truck, 1 utility dolly, and 1/2 dozen furniture pads for $45, plus 99 cents per mile.

I’m also going to be hiring loading and unloading help. I received a quote for a 2-person crew, 2 hours of help for $125. That seems very reasonable to me. Hubs and I are also in an amicable situation right now. His mother was already planning to be in town over the weekend and is going to take the girls for a “Grandma Fun-Day” so they don’t have to be part of the potentially stressful and/or emotionally-charged move situation. Hubs has offered help in moving, so if the 2-person crew isn’t able to finish the job within 2-hours, I’m not going to be left high and dry, as hubs is willing to pitch in.

Luckily, August is a 3-paycheck month for me. 100% of my 3rd paycheck is going toward paying move-in costs. Unfortunately, my paycheck is for under $2500, and my costs are going to be closer to $3500 (after accounting for miscellaneous extra’s, like new shelf liners and whatever other small “stuff” pops up – not talking about furnishings/decor here). The way I’m planning to cover this is to pay the September rent out of my September income….essentially moving that expense from August to September (for accounting purposes). It’s a little bit robbing Peter to pay Paul, but it’s going to have to work. I do have the liquid cash available now (these expenses have to be paid PRIOR to receiving keys on 9/1), but for budgeting purposes will categorize rent as a September expense rather than an August one.

Once I’m settled into the new place, I’m looking forward to the stability and predictability of regular bills, regular income, etc. There will still be a bit of a transitionary period as I’m trying to buy key pieces of furniture. For instance, I mentioned the need for a washer/dryer (which I hope to buy used). I will also need a kitchen table, though the rental has a kitchen bar and we already have bar-stools so I’m planning to use that for the immediate time being. I mostly want to be mindful about slooooooowly getting new (or used, new-to-us) items rather than running out on a spending spree just to fill up space and make it feel more like “home.” Ultimately, home is wherever we are and that’s what matters most. <3