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Walmart Grocery Pick Up


I LOVE my cash only budget. It’s definitely helping me curb any extraneous spending and frankly, using cash feels good. BUT, I have found another trick that has helped me even more…

Walmart Grocery Pickup (Delivery is not available in our tiny town!) Since I don’t have a readily available car all the time, it has been a God send. Not only does it make me possible for me to do my grocery shopping at my convenience, but pick up is amazing.

I literally pull up, input what parking spot number I’m in, and they come out with my groceries and load them into the trunk for me. Voila! So easy.

And the best part is…this way of shopping eliminates any and all extraneous grocery shopping. We make a meal plan (each of the kids cooks at least one meal a week,) and then shop based on that list.

I did have to learn some of the tricks though…

  1. Allow substitutions. They are not allowed to go down in quality or up in price, so you typically get a pretty good deal. (The only downside is that they can change flavors, which might be an issue.)
  2. I can’t do same day shopping/pick up. That might be available in larger markets, but not in our area. So we must think ahead.
  3. You can edit your order after you submit it. So don’t worry if you forgot something or need to remove something, they will give you some time to edit the order before its finalized.

The bottom line is that in addition to the convenience, this new method of grocery shopping is definitely saving me money! Here’s to more savings every day!

Have you used Walmart Grocery or a similar service in your area? Any tips or tricks?

Use my Walmart link here: http://r.wmt.co/mV6IA and enjoy $10 off your first order from Walmart Grocery.


A Big Weight Off


I’ve mentioned before that I do my forecasting out a quarter at a time. (It’s just a simple Excel spreadsheet.) I include all my regularly budgeted items, any extras I know about (birthdays, holidays, travel, etc.) and my income based on current contracts with clients.

As I continue to go full speed ahead with debt payoff, I spent some time this weekend creating my forecast through the end of the year. And you will never guess what…

I am finally at a place of stability again…by that I mean, if I maintain all my current on-going contracts, I will make enough to cover all my currently budgeted for expenses for the rest of this year!

That is such a weight off my shoulders, especially as we have been living paycheck to paycheck for so long. Obviously, there are no guarantees, but right now, my financial situation is stable, my income streams are varied and I am very hopeful for the long term.

The Caveat

There are a few caveats to this and one is glaringly obvious, at least to me:

I do not have a car, car payment, fuel costs or car insurance in my budget. (Well, I do have car insurance but it is minimal since Sea Cadet and I are both insured on his car.) That will have to change in the next couple of months somehow.

But for now…I can breathe. And I don’t have to count every single penny, although I am.

Switching to a cash only budget has made a big difference to me. There’s something about seeing the dollars in my purse dwindle that keeps me from spending on things that are wants rather than needs.

There is definitely something about seeing positive numbers in my forecasting and money in the bank that is very motivating. What keeps you motivated?