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The Tax Man…


I’m facing my biggest foe this weekend… the IRS. This is the second year we have decided to prepare our taxes ourselves with free tax software. It’s a huge savings from the $200+ we were spending on our accountant but I’m always a little leery about dealing with the government on my own… and I work for the government.

That should tell you something.

We will still have to consult with a friend about some questions we have, but I’m hoping we’ll come out on top again. We got a huge chunk of cash back last year but we didn’t adjust our withholdings since our deductions were changing this year. I know Dave Ramsey yells at people who let the government withhold too much money, but since our deductions are far from predictable, we have to take a safe route.

I’ve cleared my schedule (and the living room floor), chilled a 6-pack of beer to keep hubby interested, and I think we’re ready.

Poll time!

Do you prepare your own taxes or pay an accountant?

About 15,000 Stimulus Payments Sent to the Wrong Accounts


Some of you have commented that you haven’t received your stimulus payment yet, even though you should have. I just saw this news clip and thought I would pass it on:


According to ABC News, about 15,000 stimulus payments were routed into the incorrect bank account due to a computer error. It didn’t give more detail than that.

If you should have received your payment but didn’t, there is a hotline number to call at the bottom of the stimulus payment info page at the IRS website.

EDIT (11:14 p.m.): Here’s a link to a Yahoo story that claims that the number is 1,500. It also notes that some households did not receive the $300 for a child refund.