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And the Job Search is On


First week without a job…it’s a very new feeling after 10 years of working 70+ hour work weeks.  I have really been focusing this week of keeping things low key and not going into panic mode.  It’s a very different routine, and I’m not taking it for granted, trying to enjoy it while it lasts.

Over the last few weeks, I have been knee deep in the job search primarily focusing on returning to the corporate world and with the possibility of moving.  I’ve had four first interviews and received one rejection email.  Things have certainly changed since the last time I looked for a corporate job!

I have been very blessed by a particular reader on this blog and I wanted to take a moment to publicly acknowledge that and thank her…

Faye from LeapofFaye.com reached out to me and offered to take a look at my resume and give me some feedback.  And I’ve got to say, WOW!  She completely re-did my resume and gave me some awesome advice on marketing myself…it was SO needed and I attribute her guidance to the interviews I’ve landed thus far.  And frankly, after 10 years out of the job market…things have certainly changed.  So I really want to thank her for reaching out and giving me a great push in the right direction as I tackle this transition in my life!  Here’s a little bit about her…

Faye is an almost-40-something mother of two (with a third on the way!) who has recently left her high powered 20+ year career in the financial services industry to pursue her passion of writing and spend more time with family – you can follow her experiences in making the leap to self-employment, adventures in parenting, and all her other favorite topics. Check out her site at LeapofFaye.com

So this afternoon, I have a second interview for a part time job that I’m pretty excited about. It will allow me to continue to work from home, have flexible hours and seems like a pretty cool gig. It won’t pay the bills, but would be money coming in, and I’m sure you know, every bit helps!

I continue to look at jobs and have expanded my search area to pretty much Anywhere, USA. I would love to go overseas, but not sure the kids would handle that well at this point.

The Not-An-Interview Trip


My not-an-interview trip is coming up and I realized I’ve been referencing it multiple times but haven’t dedicated a post to it, so any new readers must surely be confused and I wanted to clear things up a little.

I’ve been applying for full-time academic positions and landed two in-person interviews this year….or so I thought.

The first interview was local, back in January, and I was recently notified that I was not selected for the position (darn it!)

The second position is not local and although I totally thought it was an interview initially, I was later notified that there is not currently a position available. They cannot legally call this an interview, but I’m doing many of the things that would occur in a “real” interview. For instance, I’m meeting with the search committee, discussing potential collaborative projects with faculty, giving a research presentation, and even a guest lecture (not just a teaching presentation – a real lecture in an actual classroom of undergrads).

Although, yes, this is not technically an interview, I’m still very much viewing it as an interview type situation (albeit lower pressure, given that there’s not an immediate opening). Essentially, this is like a pre-interview situation where the faculty is determining how I would fit within the department. If the fit is good and things go well…..I could easily see this leading to a position when one opens sometime in the future.

What are the financial implications?

I’ve been lucky that the university is funding the majority of my trip to visit them. They have booked my flight, a rental car, and my hotel accommodations (so it’s not a situation where I have to pay and they reimburse me….they are covering the expenses up front). And although I haven’t received my official itinerary yet, I’ve been told I’ll be having breakfast, lunch, and dinner with various faculty and/or graduate students while on-campus for my interview not-an-interview.

However, I fly in the day before  and leave the day after my campus visit. This means I’m assuming I’ll end up eating out for lunch and dinner the day before the visit and breakfast the day after my visit.

To minimize costs, I’m thinking I’ll try to bring some foods with me. Note, however, that I’m going to only bring a carry-on bag (no checked bag), so I won’t have a ton of extra space. But I plan to bring at minimum: a water bottle (it’ll be empty initially to get through security, but then I can refill it instead of buying bottled waters), maybe a couple snacky-type foods, and possibly even stuff for breakfast the day after my not-an-interview. Maybe a thing of just-add-water oatmeal that can be microwaved in a hotel room and an apple or other hearty fruit that won’t easily bruise?? Any ideas on this?

Since starting to blog here at BAD, this will be my very first trip that has required flying. I’d love to minimize the eating-out burden to my budget this month but I’m not sure about hotel specifics (e.g., is there a fridge? microwave?) so I’m unsure how that will all work out. If any of you have tips for how to eat CHEAPLY while traveling, then let me hear them!

The only other financial implication is that hubs is going to have to take off work for one day while I’m gone so he can be with the girls. It’s not a huge deal, but does equate to one day of missed work (his schedule will also be affected on two additional days to accommodate taking the girls to and from preschool, but that’s not nearly as disruptive as missing work entirely).

All in all, though, I feel like it will hopefully be a very inexpensive trip. I know many universities require applicants to pay for all of their expenses up front and wait for reimbursement (which can take a month!), so I’m glad and feel fortunate that I won’t have to incur any large up-front costs.

So there’s the background on the not-an-interview job. I remain cautiously optimistic about the situation. Part of me would love to land an offer from them, while the other part of me is so comfortable in our Tucson living situation that I am fearful of uprooting us again for another cross-country move (particularly knowing that this would mean hubs’ has to start all over again with his business). I try not to stress over details about “what ifs” until something happens. It’s like one of my favorite Van Wilder quotes, “Worrying is like a rocking chair….It gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere.” Write that down. ; )

Have you or your spouse/partner ever had a job opportunity that has moved you cross-country? How did you make the decision (to accept or decline the position)? What factors did you weigh in your consideration?

How do you eat on the cheap when traveling? What tips do you have to share?