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Saving Money on Organic?


If your grocery store is anything like mine, the section labeled ‘Organic’ seems to grow every week. We have organic fruits and veggies, organic frozen foods, organic rice, organic beef, and on and on. I’ve read articles telling me which food items to buy organic and which ones are a waste but I still have no idea what ‘organic’ really means! While waiting for my organic Amy’s microwave meal to heat (purchased on clearance from Target), I read an article about understanding product labeling posted in our lunchroom.

The article helped me feel more informed about what labels mean AND helped me to decide which labels meant more to me… and which ones I don’t care about. ‘Organic’ foods are EXPENSIVE. You should decide if it’s something you want to invest your grocery dollars in.

Check out the article HERE

Grocery Budget? What Grocery Budget?


I was out of town again last week for a training course. While I’m gone, my employer covers my per diem expenses so I’m always a little excited to save on the grocery budget… or what I HOPE to save on the grocery budget.

Hubby didn’t do too well the last time I was gone. There were a lot of debit transactions for McDonald’s and Rubio’s. Somehow, we still came out behind that week.

This time, I carefully stacked meals in the fridge and gave instructions on how to heat them.

‘OK, so the steak and potatoes are for Monday, the chicken pot pie for Tuesday, pizza Wednesday, and enchiladas on Thursday. I’ll be back home to make you dinner on Friday. There are apples to eat as snacks and a fresh gallon of OJ for breakfast with wheat bagels. Sound like a plan?’ I asked while standing with the refrigerator door open, pointing to the food.

‘Uh huh’ he said, half paying attention.

Fast forward to Friday…

I unloaded my bags, started a load of laundry, and then opened the fridge to grab an apple. Neatly stacked in the fridge, just as I had left them, were all the dinners I had prepared for the week.

Apparently, the 5 minute microwave time was simply too much – plus “a double bacon cheese burger sounded so much better at the time.”


It’s a good thing my husband is so darned lovable… otherwise, I’d have to kill him.

Next time, I’m taking his debit card with me.