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Investment Information


In the coming days I plan on sharing the details of what we have in savings via investments/401K/529 plan/etc. in an attempt to continuing expanding your view of my world.  I know there will be much for me to learn about this part of things and I don’t see the investments as directly relating to the debt reduction–but a complete picture is helpful for all of us I think.

It was a good weekend for spending.  I cut the grocery budget yet again and spent $80 on what should cover us for TWO weeks!  I really worked the ads and coupons today and it took entirely too long (that has to improve with time I am guessing…) but I saved so much money the time is worth it!  Actually, I took a little quiet time in the process too by sitting at a local coffeeshop with my cup of coffee and clipping coupons.  And I’m a cheap coffee date—Americano please…nothing fancy.  It was nice me time actually.  Thankfully the little one is happy to help with cutting coupons still—a HUGE help.

I have also made a dent in the gas budget–even with the climbing prices.  This is just taking a little extra time to think things out but so far I’ve shaved off about $20 a week.

I caught myself at the store tonight having a moment like I’m sure many of you had when you first read my blog.  A man in front of me at Walgreens was using a small handheld basket and only had one…although it was full.  As I watched the cashier ring up his purchases there were several items that I KNEW there were easily accessible, good coupons for and had to bite my tongue when the cashier gave him his total….and no mention of coupons was made!  His total was $41.73!  For a handheld basket full of just grocery itmes!  My how times have changed!  I used to be that person–using Walgreens as a regular grocery store thinking nothing of the extra I was paying for the convenience!  I am pretty outspoken but I did not feel comfortable gently telling this older fellow how much he could have saved—just didn’t feel right at the time–but all the way home I was laughing at the irony!  Maybe I am optimistic but I already cannot imagine going back to such reckless spending.