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How Much Money Does It Cost To Become A Digital Nomad?


If your idea of retirement is to travel the world, then I have good news. You don’t have to wait. Thanks to high speed internet and availability all over the world, you can now work while you travel. As a bonus you also get to opt out of the corporate rat race and live on your own terms. 

Many people are deciding that they have the skills to work for themselves and see no need to sit in an office all day and commute. Anybody can do it, but there does need to be a little bit of research to understand how things work. This way you can decide if it is even going to work for you or not. 

For instance, it’s important to understand what the costs are so you can budget. Travel is expensive but there are ways of keeping the costs low so you can actually make a living. In this article, we will go over the costs involved so you know what you’re getting into. 

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I’m Here!


Sorry for the ghosting! To say the last few weeks have been hectic is an understatement. I packed up my house. I trekked 2 days to Texas. I unpacked. I started the new job. I started a second job. I’m desperately trying to figure out up from down.

I start job #1 in the early morning and put in 9-10 hours while I ‘drink from a fire hose’ getting up to speed. I get home around 6, make dinner then spend 30 minutes working out or doing yoga for mental health. Seriously, movement keeps me sane (mostly). After that, I hop on my computer to do job #2 until I can’t stay awake and repeat daily.

Why am I working 2 jobs? First off, moving was WAY more expensive than we anticipated. We are paying a mortgage in California while we remodel the house and we are paying rent for an overpriced house in Texas. Rent and mortgage alone are roughly $5,400/month. When we add utilities for both houses, we’re at $6,000/month. Wait, it gets better… we get to add all the costs from the remodel. My bank account is screaming for mercy and I refuse to go into debt. Second, I took over job #2, which was previously what my husband did at night, so he can focus all his time remodeling the house faster because frankly, we can’t hold on to two household bills much longer.

And more than the money, I miss my husband. We talk while we both are working late at night and I can hear the weariness in both our voices. We’ve only been working like this for four weeks but it feels like an eternity. Five more to go.

Ugh. This sucks. Sorry for the whiney post. Just wanted you to know I’m still alive…barely. ; )

I’ll catch you up on all the ways we messed up our move that cost us a fortune. You want to know what NOT to do, I’ve got a long list for ya. Oh, and I have a long list of money mistakes I make when I’m tired and lonely. And, I’ve got a list of unexpected expenses I probably should have expected but didn’t and what a big mess I made. I’ll catch you up later.