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My Fight With Zulily…


I don’t keep much junk food in my house. There are no chips in my pantry, no cookies in my cupboards, no ice cream in my freezer. It’s not that I don’t like those things, I just can’t say no to them. I’d easily weigh 100 pounds more if I kept those things in my house with any regularity.

It’s the same with my e-mail box. I’ve shared before that I don’t sign up for Groupon type websites because I can’t say no to them either. There is one exception – Zulily.com. A friend, who was pregnant at the same time, told me to try out Zulily for maternity wear. I would check the occasional discount site but it all still seemed overpriced. Most of the time, I’d delete the weekly e-mail before opening it because I stopped caring about how I dressed (I think all prego women get to that point at the end).

Unfortunately, the website also runs deals on kids clothing, accessories, and toys. Once the kidlet was born, these e-mails became less and less resistible. I found myself longing after a Noah’s Ark play set or an adorable rocking horse. I knew I was in trouble when I actually added something to a checkout cart. I didn’t actually buy anything, but I’m sliding down a very slippery slope.

Before things spiral out of control, the kiddo’s room is loaded with cute toys, and my checking account is overdrawn…

I’m cutting myself off. Goodbye Zulily e-mails. Sigh.

Maybe I’ll go buy myself a single serving of Ben and Jerry’s as a consolation prize.