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Financial Frustration…and Weariness…


When I went on my search to find a dog, my goal was to own a fat lazy dog. In fact, I chose him specifically because he sat on the floor, completely lethargic while the other dogs barked and jumped in the kennel.

Maybe it’s because he’s happy, maybe it’s because he’s eating healthy, or maybe it’s because he’s out to SPITE me, but he’s the most energetic dog I’ve ever owned.

Saturday, I went hiking and took him along to see if I could finally wear him out.

We hiked for HOURS.

Up hills, down hills, up steep mountain faces, jogging on trails, climbing through brush, he chugged along beside me. Naturally, I expected him to be exhausted and ready for a break…

But he wagged his tailless butt with fervor, suggesting no rest was necessary.

Drenched in sweat and resting my hands on my knees trying to catch my breath, I couldn’t help but compare him to my debt. I push, I fight, I struggle, but it pursues me with unending vigor. I feel like I can’t win.

My husband’s job loss and our recent setbacks have felt like an overwhelming stumbling block to our journey.

I pushed a while longer and ran a few more hills before going home. I took off his leash and tossed it on the counter. As I gulped a giant glass of water, I looked to see where my endless ball of energy went.

He was curled up on the couch fast asleep…and he didn’t wake up for a solid two hours.

I had two words for my energetic ball of fur…

I win.

Be stubborn with your debt fight today.

Eventually, we’ll win.