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The folks at E-mealz contacted me about their Family Week promotion this week. If you stop by their website, they are offering free menus including grocery list & prices, complimentary desserts, as well as family activities & games – and aren’t we all fans of freebies?? So if you are on the fence about trying E-mealz, stop by their website this week and enter your e-mail address for your free menu (including dessert!). Don’t worry, this sharing of your e-mail address won’t sign you up for pharmaceutical sales or the Nigerian lottery – I promise.

I’ve been signed up for E-mealz (yes, I pay for it. E-mealz DOES NOT pay me to promote it) for a few months now and I absolutely love it. If you’re anything like me, you are frequently in a rush and generally buy a plethora of frozen dinners. There was always a little embarrassment whenever the grocery checker rang up my purchases. It was a pretty big spotlight on the fact that I didn’t make time to eat right.

Now? I shop in the produce and meat/fish sections more than anywhere else. I haven’t purchased a frozen dinner in months and to be honest, I feel a little smug when buying $35 in fresh food while the person in front of me buys 20 frozen dinners.

But I totally understand if the plan doesn’t work for you. My sister, a raw vegan, can’t use the plan and my other sister’s husband has certain food allergies and is also unable to use it. There are others, God bless you, who already prepare good meals every night and don’t need the help.

For those who signed up in August, let me know what you think. I’m interested in your feedback!

E-mealz is still offering 10% off to BloggingAwayDebt readers if you use the code: bawaydebt
The discount code expires on October 15th. So hurry up!

The folks at E-mealz sent me a sneak peak of the menus (yum! – but it’s a secret!) and a Press Release (below).

“Let’s Celebrate Us”

The family is such an important part of who we are and where we belong. Within our families we have purpose, goals and dreams that we intend to make come true. Family Day, A Day to Eat Dinner with your Kids®, recognized as a National Day of Observance the last Monday of every September, speaks to the primary importance of family connection around the dinner table. We love Family Day® so much that we want to extend the celebration for the entire week of September 27th.

Regular family discussion around the dinner table is an important part of family life as well as a key element of healthy development during childhood. Research suggests that family dinner conversation builds language skills, critical thinking, and relationships and lessen the chance of substance use in our children. Often in our daily lives we forget to take the time to continue to learn about our loved ones. The E-Mealz family is inviting every family to celebrate during “Let’s Celebrate Us” Family Week. Any size and type of family can enjoy five nights of “Dinner Dialogue,” “Gab and Games,” free dessert recipes and a fun-filled activities for everyone.

There is a fundamental logistical problem that interferes with dinner for most busy households…it’s 5 o’clock and there is nothing in the pantry to cook. E-Mealz purpose is to make dinnertime feasible and the grocery budget manageable for every busy family.

E-Mealz was created as a simple organizational tool for big and small families, couples, empty nesters, and roommates from every corner of America and around the world as well. Any family, with or without children, can be encouraged to continue to learn about our spouses, significant others and children.

Communication is the key to relationships, which largely involves asking questions to learn more about each other and connecting on a regular basis. E-Mealz has provided fun, food and games to encourage all types of families to engage and enjoy each other’s company. E-Mealz challenges everyone to carve out time for “Family Week” to focus on dinner as a regular evening ritual and the uniqueness that makes each family special. So, E-Mealz invites you to join us throughout the entire week of September 27th celebrating and strengthening families across the country.

Let’s talk about food – and a giveaway!…


If you’re anything like me, your poor family gets one of ten meals over and over… and over… and over again.

After a ten hour day, staring down the eyes of three more hours of late night work, I’ve been unable to plan any sort of decent meal.

Take on the crazy notion that I can last two months without dining out and I set myself up for disaster…

Or did I?

I heard an advertisement for E-mealz and decided to give it a shot the same day I promised my husband to say no to dining out. If you’ve never heard of E-mealz, let me give you the quick run-down. E-mealz is a weekly menu planning resource with over 28 menu options to choose from – including meals for two, meals for four, points system meal plans, and a gluten free menu (hint hint to my sister Lizzy and her gluten free child). Once a week I log on, download my menu and my shopping list, make a 30 minute trip to the grocery store, and never think about dinner again until I’m in the kitchen for 30 minutes making it each night.

The menus rotate beef, chicken, pork, fish, and vegetarian dishes and *gasp* force me to try new things.

My sister-in-law (who works late into the night) frequently comes home, drops her bags on the floor, and calls ‘What’s on the E-mealz menu tonight?!? Smells so yummy!’ as she pulls up a barstool and serves a plate.

Weird. I never heard her say that when I made turkey wraps for the 15th time in a month.

I used to spend $120 a week on food. With E-mealz, I spend around $55. I’m not trying to sound like a walking advertisement but it’s hard not to share when you’ve found something that makes a chore easy and reduces your grocery budget by 50%. Membership is only $1.25 a week!

I approached the folks at E-meals and asked them if they would be willing to donate a one month subscription to one of my readers. Not only did they agree, they donated a 3 month subscription to give away AND offered 10% off for all BloggingAwayDebt readers.

How can you win it? Leave a comment and let me know you are interested (make sure to type your e-mail address in the ‘Mail’ slot). I’ll throw all the comment names into a hat and draw a winner on Wednesday night (August 18th). The winner’s name will be posted on Thursday, August 19th.

If you don’t win but are interested in using E-mealz and want 10% off, click the link/photo below and type in the code: savemoney

Please make sure to click the link/photo so E-mealz knows where the referrals are coming from.


And, the recipe for chicken puffs? It’s an E-mealz dinner! Wrap cooked chicken and cream cheese in a reduced fat crescent roll. Cook as instructed on the crescent roll directions. It’s AMAZING!!