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A Personal Loan to Play Credit Card Balance Transfer Game


A few months ago, Credit Card #1 decided to raise the interest rate on me again. I was so flustered that I soon was on a mission to get that debt off of that card.

I actually went into two banks and discussed the possiblity of getting a personal loan to pay the credit card so then I can turn around and transfer the loan balance right back to the credit card (to take advantage of their 0% interest balance transfer offer).

I had all of my papers with me, including the offer from the credit card stating the end date to accept the balance transfer offer.

It didn’t take long for them to say “No.”

I briefly then considered finding a loan shark, but decided against that choice. I guess I will get rid of Credit Card #1 the old fashioned way.

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Fight Identity Theft With a Shredder


A great tool to fight identity theft is a shredder. They are fairly inexpensive for a small shredder and they will render your old documents unreadable.

I have two shredders in my house: a strip-cut and a cross-cut. A strip-cut shredder cuts your paper into thin strips the length of the paper you put in it. A cross-cut shredder cuts your paper into confetti-size squares or rectangles. I use the strip-cut shredder for things like old receipts that do not have my complete credit card numbers on them. I also use it for papers that have personal information on them but not account numbers (like credit card applications). My cross-cut shredder shreds anything that has my social security number or bank account numbers. Those are things that I definitely do not want getting in the wrong hands.

You only really need one shredder and if you were going out to buy one today I would recommend the cross-cut shredder. I only have two because I started with the strip-cut and then decided to get a cross-cut. I want to extend the life of my shredders so I alternate shredding days.

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