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Betray Me and I Get Bitter …


For those following my blog, I’ve been having a dilemma. What credit card do I pay a chunk of money to? Yesterday I chickened out and cancelled the payment to Credit Card #4 because I started thinking the money was better off going towards Credit Card #2.

And guess what was in the mail today? My statement for Credit Card #4. The buggers raised my rates up to 15.74% (up from 14.99%). Not a huge leap, but an increase. I did get something in the mail last month about the card now having a variable rate, but I put it in my “to do” pile and didn’t look further into it.

I’m a little disappointed. I’ve had this card for about 8 years or so, and it was the “steady eddie” card. It always has been 14.99% – until now that is. My other cards have pulled me through a loop, but not Credit Card #4.

If I sound like I am getting mushy here, I am. I feel like I have been cheated on by my credit card. After all of these years…

So, decision made. The money is going to credit card #4 because I don’t like feeling betrayed. Credit Card #4 – you are the weakest link…goodbye!

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It Was Scheduled to Transfer and I Couldn’t Do It!!


I am starting to wonder what the heck is wrong with me. I have had plenty of time to think about what to do with a refund from my credit card. I received some great comments when I posted my dilemma earlier on my blog, and I had the $5,600 all set and ready to go to Credit Card #4. The payment was scheduled for tomorrow.

Then today, I got real nervous. I almost wonder if I was starting to have a panic attack. Doubt filled my mind and then I started thinking of all of these reasons why I should pay Credit Card #2 instead.

Ugh. This is annoying. I don’t think I have ever been so indecisive in my life. Wait – who am I kidding? I’m about as indecisive as they come sometimes.

I don’t want to bore everyone with the thoughts that run through my (what I now believe to be) crazy mind. But I think what I am going to do is flip a coin. Let fate fall where it may because I cannot come to a decision.

Times like these, I wish I had a Magic 8 Ball handy 🙂

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