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To Blog or Not to Blog …


I recently joined a work-at-home-mom blogging network and our topic to blog about is

Why do you blog and what are your blogger goals?

For me, I started Blogging Away Debt to keep track of my progress as I become debt-free. I also am using it to get my thoughts out there on the best way to reduce my debt and to invite others to share their thoughts. Along the way, I will share the success stories as well as my mistakes.

It’s hard putting everything out there for all of the world to see. And I have decided to put it all out there, down to what my family spends money on. I’m working on those reports as I speak. If somehow my blog helps someone else in a financially dire situation, I will feel like a million dollars.

I believe I bring a different perspective to the personal finance blogging arena, since my family is living paycheck to paycheck and probably will be until the credit card debt is paid off. The choices pertaining to finances are different than those who have more leeway with their checkbook. But the last time I read – 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

There are also ideas and theories that I believe are valid for paycheck to paycheck families. I have yet to unleash them on my blog – because they need to be written perfectly so that everyone can understand what I am talking about. They also go against the norm so I have to make sure my argument is solid.

I may just be one voice, but I hope that somehow my words on my blog may give others hope and inspiration. I really believe that I will achieve financial freedom. I have had a heck of a rocky start, but I know it will happen.

And I will blog about it every step of the way πŸ™‚

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My Plan has been Foiled!


If you read the post before this one, I wasn’t sure what credit card to pay using my overpayment refund, but a master plan was brewing in my mind (muwahaha).

I was ready and raring to go and to pay off Credit Card #4 and wait for a nice balance transfer option to then use towards Credit Card #2. But then I looked in my mailbox today and received a balance transfer offer from Credit Card #4:

4.9% until September 2006 – and has a balance transfer fee of $50.

Only 4 months at the lower rate PLUS a balance trasfer fee. Given the short timeframe of the interest rate and the fee – it probably isn’t worth it to send my refunds to that card. Perhaps I should just pay it all towards Credit Card #2??

If anyone has a few words of wisdom to share, that’d be great πŸ™‚

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