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Ways I Save Money: My Husband and I Work Opposite Shifts


I work the day shift and my husband works the night shift. It has put a strain on our marriage because we do not see each other very often, but it definitely has helped our checkbook. I don’t recommend that every couple do this, but it has worked to save us money.

1.) We only need one car. Even before I began working from home, one car was all that we needed with our alternating schedule.

2.) Because the working spouse has the car, the other spouse stays at home. Most days are “no spend” days because of this.

3.) No daycare costs because one of us is always home to watch our son. An added benefit is that we have been able to watch him grow up and at least one of us was home to witness the major milestones.

It is rough having a schedule like this, and only recently we both have obtained weekends off together. We just make sure we try to do at least one fun thing on the weekend like go to the Lake or sometimes go for a hike. Things that are inexpensive, but things that we enjoy doing as a family.

At some point, perhaps when our son is in school full-time we will be able to work the same shifts but who knows? Maybe then we will have another child. That is something that is still being decided upon 😉

AAA Insurance – Is It Worth It?


While reading over at Stop Buying Crap, Cap asked if AAA Insurance is Crap or Not.

I bought it last year before my son and I took a 1,000+ mile trip by ourselves. He was 3 at the time, and the last thing I wanted to do is have to keep him calm and entertained in the event of a flat tire on a busy highway. I wanted the peace of mind that we could wait in our car until someone arrived.  The trip was also the reason we caved in and finally purchased a cellphone.

To me, the $48 for the year was worth it for that one trip. It saved me from worrying the whole drive. Now, I haven’t used it at all and my renewal is coming up in a few months.  I’m not so sure that I will renew it, but I have a feeling I will. That’s the thing with insurance. You have it and you may need to use it, but there is no guarantee that it will pay for itself over time.

I could try to get discounts at places, but if we need lodging we tend to stay at mom and pop hotels (cheaper and more character) and where we live no restaurants or entertainment places accept the card for a discount.

So really…peace of mind for traveling is all that we have it for. I guess it could come in handy in case my engine goes kaput in lieu of my car’s recent recall (which I still haven’t received official notice for).

In a few months I will need to make my final decision on whether $48/year is worth having it in case we need it.  So far I am thinking it is. Another site that may be worth checking out is insurance-how-to.com for some comparisons of AAA and a few other options.

Any thoughts?