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Another $300 Out the Door


I paid an additional $300 towards our credit cards today and our credit card debt is now down to $28,310.  Of course I would love to see the balance below $28,000 by the end of the month, but I’m pretty sure I can’t wing that unless I sell a few things and quick.  I just don’t have the spare time at the moment to sell things (I wanted so bad to have a garage sale but it didn’t happen).  This winter I may try eBay to sell some of my son’s old toys (hey – anyone want a V-Tech video game system for kids? lol).

Next month will probably be a rough month in terms of our finances.  We have some repairs that MUST be done before the snow flies.  And where I live the first snow is usually in October so next month is ideal.  The repairs will probably run $600-800.  I don’t have the money yet for it, but with our next paychecks we will.  I try to set aside $850 extra a month to go towards the credit cards.  The repairs will have to come out of that. 

It will help tremendously that I will have some income from my blog at the end of next month.   I’m not sure yet how much that will be, but all of it will go towards reducing debt.  A thank you to all of my sponsors and to my readers for that 🙂

Speaking of income, at the end of this month expect to see some changes with my reports.  I will be including income as well as our expenses.  I will discontinue the “How Much I Make” post because it really isn’t accurate enough for looking at things on a monthly basis. 

It can be hard sometimes to explain exactly what I’m doing, so if at any time you have questions, feel free to ask. 

Oh, and I’m doing some housekeeping on my blog to try to make things a little easier to locate and to make navigation easier.  Please pardon my dust for the next few days 🙂