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Hope’s Anticipated Spending – November


I decided to try something a little different this month. Rather than posting a weekly spending plan, I am going to try a monthly one.

Since we are continuing with our No Spend Month for a couple of weeks, and going to be at my parents for Thanksgiving, you will notice there is not a lot of extra. (Well, except for the Texas trip fund which I’m hoping will not be that much.)

November Spending Plan

Hope's Anticipated Spending - November

Auto - Gas($105)
Tax Payment (debt)($246)
Utilities - gas, water, sewer, trash, electricity, internet($300)
Car Payment (debt)($400)
Auto/Renter's Insurance($267)
Texas Trip($1,700)
Princess (Clothes)($150)
Sea Cadet (car insurance)$200


I don’t think there is much that needs explanation. I went ahead and budgeted for Princess some clothes in anticipation of winter weather setting in. My gas is lower than ever, but Thanksgiving week’s gas is covered by the Texas trip fund.

We don’t have any kids’ activities this month at all, so I will be home every night to cook. And the twins are pretty self sufficient at this point, covering their own gas, insurance, phones and day to day spending money.

Texas Fund Explained

I realize the $1,700 for the Texas trip seems high. Here is my reasoning:

  • Currently, I have reserved a rental SUV for the week (10 days) because my car which is the best of the bunch is in need of some work and I fear taking it on such a long, extended trip. Not to mention, it will be a bit tight in my car and it’s a 15 1/2 hour drive (drive time only) each way.
  • Because of the bigger rental car, our gas expense will be a bit more than in my car.
  • I anticipate stopping at least one night on the way there and one night on the way back. And while we do squish into one hotel room, it will cost us two nights in hotels (minimum) and extra food.) Because the twins can’t drive the rental car, I will have to drive the whole way so I may need additional breaks, but we will see.
  • Finally, while my dad typically covers our costs when we are in town, I don’t want to count on that if I don’t have to so I built in a little cushion for some fun.

Each of the kids is covering their own spending money and have been aware of the trip for months, so that is not included in my budget.

I still hope that we will not spend all of this budgeted money but I feel comfortable with having it available for the trip.

Will you do any traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you have family traditions surrounding this food filled holiday you would like to share?

No Spend Month Extended


We made it through the month! And it flew by. And more importantly, I truly enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the quieter life, being home more, cooking more. I’ve enjoyed not looking at my bank account every day and worrying about upcoming bills. I’ve enjoyed working for the sake of working and not counting every single penny.

I’ve enjoyed getting creative in the kitchen and trying new things. And I’m happy to report that not one failed meal happened this time. (in the past, I tried a cabbage and sausage dish that sent us out for cookies and ice cream for dinner.)

I didn’t quite make my goal for our trip to November, but I did grow my business significantly for the months ahead. And more importantly I put in some time on business development that I have not done a lot of in the past few months.

In the end, I am starting the month of November with a spirit of gratitude and relief that we are headed in the right direction. A solid plan for business development and growth. And some anticipation of our upcoming trip and holidays. It has been a good experience.

Extending No Spend Month

In the end, I have enjoyed it so much that I have decided to extend our No Spend Month by two more weeks.

We leave for our Texas roadtrip in just two short weeks, so why not continue to clear our cupboards and save money! There are a couple of small caveats to this though:

  1. I’m going to have to spend a little money on food and sundries, not a lot, but there are definitely some needs. For instance, we used our very last garbage bag yesterday and we are down to our last bar of soap. Working on a list of those items now.
  2. I have to finish Christmas stuff for my Texas family. And while I don’t anticipate spending a great deal as I’m making a lot of it, there are a few things I will need to purchase. Again, working on a list, my brothers are hard to think of gifts for. Anyone have ideas for frugal gifts for 3 single men in there 30s?
  3. Princess may need a few new clothing items. It’s started to get cold and while she has stopped growing, I hope, she doesn’t fit in any of her winter clothes from last year. She is going to need a couple of pairs of long pants soon. If we can hold out, we will, but it is a upcoming need.

Is anyone else ready to put up their Christmas decorations? I admit, I am. I don’t want to play Christmas music all the time, but I am certainly ready for a time of hope and good cheer. And I’m still thinking about a Christmas budget since I didn’t originally add one to my fall budget.