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Here’s to the Cheapest Month EVER


June starts tomorrow and based on my forecast, it should be my cheapest month EVER! And by ever, I mean since having kids…15 years now. Wow!

Here are the variations that give me this impression:

  • Twins are both working and going to school pretty much full time + so they are rarely home to eat.
  • Princess will be gone to camp for two weeks this month (already paid for.)
  • No holidays, birthdays or any other special events to work into the budget.
  • I have no car, no gas expenses this month and a much lower cost of car insurance as a result.
  • I eat very basically in the summer and will do that especially this month with no one else I have to prepare for most of the time.

I am stoked! This might be the bump I need to get my credit card completely paid off by the time we fly out to Texas at the end of June. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

Car Situation

And while I am still anticipating July will be the month I must deal with the car situation…I believe unless something comes up with Princess volleyball schedule, I can probably wait until the end of the month. But only time will tell.

Here’s to a cheap month with lots of work time! That combination could really turn the corner for me…score!

But it also reminds me to be super grateful for air conditioning and reliable internet along with technology that is still going strong. I definitely couldn’t keep moving forward without those things these days.

What are you grateful for as summer hits us full force this next month with it’s hot temperatures and more lazy days…at least I’m assuming that’s the case for most families.

An Update on #NoSpendJanuary


We are almost half way through the month of January. And we have spent NO Extra Money (I did pay our rent and utility bills, of course.) Unfortunately, it does look like I will have to spend some this week.

Our Pot Bit the Dust

First, one of our 4 cooking pots bit the dust. Not only did the bottom come off, but it also almost caught fire. I honestly was going to try to make it through the month without replacing it, but with us cooking so much and only having 3 pans now, I really need too.

Thankfully, I received an Amazon gift card and a Walmart gift card for Christmas, so I won’t have to spend any cash to replace it.

Grocery Store Run

We are also running low on some of our essential groceries. Since I didn’t pre-plan for this no spend month or do a month long meal plan like I did for our No Spend October, I was less prepared with stocked shelves this time.

Therefore, I don’t feel super bad about having to spend some money on groceries. We are still primarily eating through the freezer and pantry, but there are some things we need. I will report back on how that goes. I’ve been putting it off and haven’t even made a list yet.

As a sidenote, we did run out of propane tonight. Discovered when Sea Cadet tried to make us burgers. We ended up pan frying them which was fine. But I’ll be adding propane to my February list.

Is anyone else doing a #NoSpendJanuary? How’s it going?