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Time as Currency


One of the most life altering changes for me this year has been viewing my time as currency. I guess I have always known this, but our current book club book really opened my eyes. Now whenever I want to sit down and just veg, I think “what will this cost me?”

It’s motivated me to be more productive. It’s motivated me to prioritize better. And it’s motivated me to really focus on how I’m spending my time.

If you are stuck in a rut whether it be financial, emotional or physical, I thought I would share with you some steps that have helped me take back control of my time.

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Steps to Controlling Your Time

  1. Recognize the negative patterns and fears in your life. This has been HUGE for me. Most of mine are emotional and of course, financial.
  2. Bring those patterns and fears to the light, share them. It truly does help take away their power.
  3. Journal. There is something about hand writing things that makes it stick better with me. It also calms my racing mine and gives me an outlet when I’m overwhelmed (as a single mom this is often.) I have multiple journals that I do each day:
    1. Gratitude – life has been really hard and most days I wake up super stressed. But starting the day by writing 3 things I am grateful for has really changed my attitude and helped me start the day with a smile rather than a headache.
    2. Best Selfthis journal has changed my life. It is essentially a 13 week challenge to tackle 3 goals at a time. It is succinct and clear and I love it! I highly recommend. (Full disclosure: This is an affiliate link.)
    3. Prayer – this is my latest addition. Last year, I focused on Bible memory. This year I am focusing on my prayer list. I have a master list that I pray through and then add to it as things come to mind. It also includes verses I hear that speak to my soul.
  4. Create your to do list AND keep it updated. I have two tools I use daily to keep me on track:
    1. Google Calendar – I’ve probably mentioned this before. Each of the kids has a calendar, and I have several (personal, business and some specific clients.) They are all linked so we can stay in sync and the kids can easily see where I am, and more importantly these days if I am available to get them somewhere as a specific time. We’ve used this for years and it’s worked fabulous.
    2. Asanato do list, to do list, to do list. We’ve used this for school. I used it with customers to be able to assign me work. And I use it personally to manage my time and personal tasks. The awesome thing is that it will link to Google Calendar so all my daily to dos show up on my daily calendar. And I can assign tasks to different people. And I can set due dates, attach files and upload comments and notes on the tasks.
  5. Find a mentor. This is very new to me. But I’ve connected with some women here who have really taken an interest in me. That human connection has been huge for me. It’s not a huge time investment but it is nice to know I can pick up the phone and call.

It’s Hard Work

Now being open and honest about my fears and challenges (step #1) was the hardest step for me. So many of the times I quit because of them or procrastinate and sabotage myself.

But the combination of these steps has really pushed me to use my time more wisely. To really think through how I spend my time. And even more so, to focus on “what doing this with my time will cost me or better yet reward me?”

I’m now off to tackle my to do list for the weekend, and I’m excited to say that much of my time this weekend will be money earning! One last thought for you this weekend:

Success is directly proportional to your ability to do uncomfortable things.

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Book Club: Your Money or Your Life


A few weeks ago, a BAD reader I follow on Facebook posted a recommendation for the book Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.  It was originally published back in 1992 and Joe has passed away since then. But Vicki did an update in 2008 and then again in 2018 bringing the contents up to date in regards to the new world of technology and various different financial changes since the early 90’s.

I ordered it that day…I’m ready for some serious changes in my financial life. It arrived this past week and I’ve been slowly working my way through it.  I wondered if anyone else would like to read it and we could have a book club of sorts in a month or so to compare notes and thoughts.

A Slow Start

Mr. Money Mustache wrote the foreword. And then there is some background on Vicki and Joe’s history and the original concept for the book. While the information was interesting, I was anxious to get to the meat of the book. But the beginning of first chapter almost had me putting it down permanently. It is filled with references to the planet and limited resources and so on. And the longer that dragged on, the more I thought “this book is not for me.”  I stuck with it though. And I’ve made it to chapter 2 and I am intrigued.

My Relationship with Money

The authors encourage you to read the book through before you put in the work. The work is broken is broken down into 9 steps. I’m just getting to Step 2 in my reading. But what I am finding is that the book focuses on your thoughts on money, the psychology of that relationship versus more common “steps to save” money or such.  And I believe that this is exactly what I need.

I wrote recently about Money Principles and that has led me to more reading on Money Traps. The thing these two have in common is that they are mindset tools versus practical how to spend or not spend your money tools.  I think this mindset is what I personally have been missing.

Book Club Discussion – in a month

So here I am, sitting in Starbucks while my kids train for their sports, reading Your Money or Your Life. Will you join me?  I figure I can complete my first read through in the next week or so (helps to not have a job to do, plenty of reading time.) I’ll plan to open a discussion on it a month for now for anyone who wants to dive in with me.

I personally couldn’t find a online version of the book, but maybe someone else can. I ordered mine from Amazon.

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