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Affiliate Marketing Income


In addition to my personal shopping side business, I have been focusing on growing my affiliate income. When set up properly, affiliate marketing can be passive income.

And while it’s not steady or significant at this point, I have made an extra $100 this past month with it.

I’ve always tried to include Amazon links where relevant in blogs I’ve written. But I have never made any money that way. Recommending service based affiliates has been more lucrative.

In fact, earlier this year or last an online marketer I respect and have followed for years, not only made a large amount during a affiliate marketing campaign, but ended up with a “dream” job out of it. How cool is that?!

affiliate marketing

I have been very transparent with my referrals, letting the person know that if they follow my recommendation I will get a referral fee. And I only recommend services that I personally use and pay for myself…I think when done ethically and transparently this could be a great side hustle.

Have you ever done any affiliate marketing or even participated in referral programs where you benefited either monetarily or maybe even with reduced or free services for yourself?

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World’s Longest Yard Sale


recycled handkerchiefs

Love what the Flea Market Fangirls have created with these handkerchiefs!

I was recently introduced to a site two cousins started regarding their yard sale finds, failings and reinventions. While the Flea Market Fangirls are just getting started, from their site, I found out about the World’s Longest Yard Sale. Have you heard of it?

Where is the Longest Yard Sale

According to their website, this ginormous yard sale is “NOW 690 MILES! Starts 5 Miles North of Addison, Michigan  and ends at Gadsden, Alabama!” That is HUGE!

According to the Fan Girls, vendors can rent a space in various fields along the yard sale route. And you can find everything from the most coveted antique to true junk. (They even have a section on their website for yard sale fails.)

Yard Sale then Resell

Since moving to small town Georgia, I’ve met lots of people who buy and resell. And several BAD readers have encouraged that option as a side gig. I’m starting to look into it.

I am certainly intrigued by the artsy people who re-purpose things, make them beautiful again. Making money doing that, would be great too.

Lots of the local antique shows, farmers markets and even yard sales highlight people’s creative uses for “found” objects. Unfortunately, I do not have the time, the resources or even the talent to do what I see so many others doing.

Free Pastime

I will say this, even if you aren’t in the position to buy anything. Visiting yard sales can be an inexpensive and educational past time.

We have enjoyed the history lessons received on items that we were baffled by. And it’s fun to laugh at some of the crazy stuff people try to sell.

Thusfar, I have not purchased anything. We have just looked and talked about things. But I’m definitely thinking about it.

Tell me about your most prized yard sale find. Have you ever re-purposed a yard sale find? I would love to see pictures.