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Back to School


How quickly the summer has flown by! Even though it doesn’t feel like Fall yet (and I guess technically its not for another month and a half!), the Fall semester is soon upon us!

This month is going to be a little on the pricy side for childcare. Our current childcare facility (the JCC)’s last day is on July 31st. They close for a week for teacher planning before the next school year begins. But our new childcare facility doesn’t start until August 12th. So we’re left with 7 weekdays with no childcare! Yikes!

Although my job does allow some flexibility for working from home, there’s no way I can stay home for the entire 7 days in a row. Especially at this time of year (being brand new, trying to get all the prep work done for my classes, endless meetings, setting up my new office, etc. etc. etc.) it’s just not feasible.

So after racking our brains for possible options we’ve finally resigned ourselves to the fact that we’re going to have to pay someone hourly to come to our house to watch the kids. This is WAY more expensive (per hour) than taking them to a childcare center. But I also don’t feel good about just throwing them in a random childcare center for 7 days and then moving them again to the new place (they’re not great with change, and moving to the new facility is going to be enough of an adjustment. Plus – anyone remember our bad experience with a childcare center last summer? That experience has scarred me a little so I’m extra careful about vetting places now). To me, this is really our only available option.

And, even so, I’m still going to have to take off work. Our babysitter is a senior in high school and schools start back next Thursday so she can only watch our kids Monday-Wednesday. The plan now is for me to stay home Thurs-Fri, and for hubs to stay home the following Mon-Tues, and then they start the new place on Wednesday, August 12th. Whew!

In addition to babysitting expenses, the new school has a whole list of things we need to bring. I’m going to use our same lunch boxes, but we need a new backpack (I’d only bought one last year and we never even used it, but the new place requires them and I want them to each have their own), we have to bring some school supplies, oversized shirts (to wear over their clothes for art projects), and it seems like a ton of other things that I can’t even remember right now. I just remember going through the paperwork seeing dollar signs as I was reading.

Even so, I’m VERY excited for them to start this new preschool. I absolutely loved the JCC and will sing their praises to the very end. But it’s not practical to stay there given the distance from our home (especially now with me working), and our new place seems really awesome, too. I ADORE their teacher, its closer to our house, the curriculum is incredible (it follows NAEYC standards), and it’s cheaper! A win-win-win all around!

So hopefully after this first month of extra childcare expenses (due to babysitting costs and back to school supplies), costs should even out a little bit.

I don’t know if its just because I’m in higher education, but I have always LOVED back-to-school excitement! You can just feel the energy and buzz in the air! I find it especially true on a college campus, but I’m sure it’s a similar feeling everywhere.

When do your kids go back to school? How much do you typically spend on back-to-school supplies?

Yogurt Date


One of the joys of being more in control of my month, monthly expenditures and debt…is DATE time.  No, I am not dating…but I am definitely making a more concentrated effort to spend more one on one time with each of my kiddos.  Living in our tiny space have been stressful for us all, but especially as of late with the “hope” of being able to move and having that quashed multiple times.  (More on that another time.)

So I got to end my work day today with a yogurt date with Little Gymnast before dropping him off for his 5 HOURS of gymnastics training.  I love that I can schedule a DATE with him and not worry about spending the $10 for some fun without having a crushing weight over me, living paycheck to paycheck and wondering how to keep all the “balls in the air.”

So just a quick joy filled post about my wonderful mom/son date time today with yogurt…which I did use a $5 off coupon for – even better!