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Just a bad week…


Five years of perfect behavior.

Five years of no break-downs.

Five years of easy flying.

Now, my car is acting like a rebellious child.

Brakes. Gone.

$280. Gone.

Thankfully, my husband’s new pay raise will cover it so our debt payment for December should be normal. Plus, we’ve both been working side jobs so we may actually make a dent this month. Whew!

Oh no. I think I just jinxed it.

Diving into the Emergency Fund… Again.


A scummy, lowlife person decided to break into my car again two nights ago. I have other words to describe this person – but this is a family show.

I came out to get into my car and the driver’s side door and trunk were open. Of course, being left open with the lights on all night killed my battery and stranded me until my husband could give me a jump.

The thief escaped with a $15 FM tuner, less than a dollar in change, and a good chunk of what was left of my sense of safety.

We installed some hefty motion detector flood lights directly over the driveway after the first break in two months ago but apparently those only deter thieves when I turn them on. I got home late from work, was tired, and simply didn’t pay enough attention to turn the lights on. Oops.

When my husband left for school and I was home alone last night, I locked all the doors and windows and sat in the corner of my living room terrified someone would break in. I decided I couldn’t live like this.


I asked my husband to install security cameras.

Knee jerk reaction to a somewhat irrational fear? Yes.

But if robbing $350 from my emergency fund helps me sleep better – I’m willing to pay it.

The cameras are being installed this week.