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Going, going, GONE!!!!!!!


We’re lining up our credit cards and knocking them out one at a time!

First up – Capital One

Next – Wells Fargo

And finally, I present to you….my Bank of America credit card account:



Current balance = ZERO, Baby!!!! Wooo!!!!

We are officially credit card debt-free!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Cue the Pharrell song, Happy, along with a little “raising the roof” dance! I’m cool that way. Feel free to join in ; )







Did I just get lied to?


The other day I got a phone call about 9am from my Capital One credit card company. It was the fraud department asking if I’d tried to make a $200-some-odd dollar transaction that morning.

  • Me: What? No! I haven’t used the card in months!!
  • Representative: Well I’m glad we got in touch with you then! Yes, our records indicate no activity in over 6 months, so this transaction was flagged as fraudulent and was declined. No need to worry, but we will be issuing and sending you a new card.

The conversation goes on for a bit with them verifying information and me worrying about how my credit card information was “leaked.” FYI – I checked and I still have the card in my possession (I never use it, but keep it locked in a safe in our house).

Then after the call I started thinking……is this a new tactic credit card companies are using to try to get you to use your card? They come up with some excuse (e.g., fraudulent activity) to send you a new card so its fresh in your mind and right at your fingertips for the using (as opposed to being locked away in a safe)?

Am I being overly paranoid or skeptical? Or did I totally just get lied to about a fake fraudulent attempt at using my credit?

For the record, I checked online and there are no recent or pending charges. Of course, the woman said the attempted-fraud charge had been declined so I suppose it wouldn’t show up, but now I’m suspicious. If I never use my card (never even log into my account – I had to do the “forgot my password” option because its been so long!), and still have the card in my possession, then how on Earth would someone get the card information in order to attempt a charge?

I’ve been known to be a bit on the skeptical side….but I’m calling BS on this one.

Anyone else have this experience before???