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Hope’s Debt Update – June, 2024


Boy, lifestyle creep is a real thing. But I am recognizing my proclivity to become more relaxed with my finances as I get more and more caught up. And I am NOT going to let up.

This time last year, we were making it on less than $2,000 per month, barely making it. And here I am making almost 4 times that and somehow, getting to the end of the month feeling a bit desperate. Yup, lifestyle creep is happening. And it’s got to stop now!

This month, I return some of my focus to saving more intensely. As of June 1, 10% of every bit of income is going directly into savings. I am paying myself first. I’ve been so focused on digging out and catching up, that I have failed completely to save. That stops now.


  1. Regular and focused savings: 10% of every income.
  2. Payoff personal loan debt.
  3. Make sure Princess senior year is paid for.
  4. Regular and significant payments to CC debt.

Before you jump down my throat about #3. I will explain in the next post. But there are this month’s debt numbers.

Debt Update

Debt DescriptionOctober, 2023 TotalInterest RateMinimum PaymentCurrent TotalPayoff Date (Est)
Personal Loan #1$2,5000%$500 (beg April)$500July, 2024
Personal Loan #2$2,5000%$500 (beg April)$1,000August, 2024
CC - Wander$1,63029.24%$75$1,418September, 2024
Dad - New Furnace$2,6000%$500 (beg July)$2,600
December, 2024
CC - Amazon$1,49729.99%$48$1,433August, 2024
CC - Frontier$3,85729.99%$131$3,618
CC - USAA$5,00019.15%$135$3,274
Car Loan$19,58112.69%Gymnast Pays$15,532
Student Loans$22,1212.875%In Deferrment$22,602
CC - Apple**$500Paid off every month$0
CC - AMEX$89429.24%$0$0Mar, 2024
CC - Sams$1,10629.99%$0$0April, 2024


  • Reply Anonymous |

    This is exactly, down to the dollar values, the same as the last update that you posted. Did you forget to update numbers?

  • Reply Anonymous |

    Are you saying your current income is $8000/month? You said previously you were saving all of your income from the fast food job – have you not been saving that?

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