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That didn’t last long…bye, new job!


My new part time job lasted just a week. It wasn’t a good fit. I knew that almost from the first day. But I knew I needed the money so I was determined to stick it out. The stress was terrible. It was like being a firefighter…on call all day to put out fires, fix other people’s mistakes or complete projects they couldn’t.

But a week and one day in, and we decided mutually that it wasn’t a good fit. I was so relieved. Even though it puts me in a tough spot financially…I do not regret ending the contract. However, I am very grateful they did come through with payment for that one week. (During my 17 years as a freelancer, I have dealt with lots of people/businesses that just don’t pay or delay, delay, delay.)

I do continue to work my local part time job, and thoroughly enjoy it. But back to the trenches as far as more work goes.

Looking for work and help

Anyone need a new website? Or wanting to implement some new tech? I’m your girl!

That being said, I had several ask about getting aid…I just don’t qualify.

Working part time, with only one minor child in the home…I made too much money to get help with food, etc. I am going to try again for insurance. But I’m not holding out much hope.

I have had two interviews for part time freelance/contractor work via Upwork in the last week. Crossing my fingers that one or both of them comes through. And my current boss continues to put out feelers for more work here locally. I’ve been through this before, I know it will be okay. And this time…I don’t have children dependent on me. Thank God!

Me and my doggos! Two of these are my sister’s. We really enjoyed their visit.

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  • Reply Eli |

    Could you possibly post a budget of what you’ve been following the past few months? I am interested in seeing how you are dealing with a budget getting a much smaller amount than used to

  • Reply Kate |

    Would you work at some retail sort of job in the meantime if you are behind on bills? If I remember right your costs are pretty low so you wouldn’t need to make much to cover them. I know in the Northeast lots of places are desperate for help.

  • Reply Alice |

    I’m sorry that one didn’t work out. Better to know now than to drag it on and suffer. But it sounds like it ended well, right?

    I hope you can find something else soon!

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