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Here’s How to Avoid Overspending on Your Cross-Country Move


Moving can involve a lot of time and money. A cross-country move is even more expensive to handle. If you’re trying to manage debt, you don’t need additional expenses to weigh you down. However, there are ways you can save money as you make your move across the country.

Have a Yard Sale

Did you know that outstanding debt makes up 30% of your credit score? Before you move, ease your debt burden by getting rid of items you no longer use. You can sell those items at yard sales, post advertisements on Craigslist, or take them to a thrift store. Use your profits to pay a debt or current expenses for your cross-country move.

Rent Your Own Moving Truck

The American trucking industry transports over 72% of all items used in the economy. Some of the things they transport are personal items belonging to people starting new lives in different cities or states. If hiring a mover is too expensive, consider renting your moving truck and making the move yourself.

Move In the Off Season

If you have plans to move this summer, understand that many others have the same idea in mind. As a result, the roads will be filled with moving trucks on their way to new residences in different neighborhoods and states. As a result, those movers will charge more money for their services. Don’t forget, you have three other seasons to move. If you have enough flexibility in terms of time, you may want to consider waiting for summer to end before you pack up for a new home on the other coast.

Check the Post Office

Did you know the post office may be able to help you save on a move? When you go to the post office to change your address, you may find moving coupons in the package containing the form.

Get a Referal

Most businesses bring in new customers with the help of referrals. If someone you know has completed a cross-country move, they can give you a referral from a mover that helped them. The referral may also come with a discount, especially if you’re a first-time client.

Buy a Portable Home

Over 60% of Americans prefer renovation over moving, often to avoid uprooting the family. If you must make a cross-country move for a job, you can ease your residential burden by purchasing a steel container home instead of a traditional one. Container homes have become more popular for many reasons, such as how portable and inexpensive they are. According to One Key Resources, completed shipping container homes typically cost between $10k and $35k. Plus, if you have to uproot your family at some point, at least everyone will have the comfort of being in the same house with the same memories. The only difference is the location of the house can change.

Drive to the Location

Even if you hire movers to relocate your belongings, you must get to your new location as well. Making a cross-country flight during certain times of the year can cost you several hundreds of dollars. However, you could ease your transportation burden by driving yourself. Thanks to GPS, all you have to do is plug in your coordinates and hit the road. You can always find cheap accommodation to stop at for a night or two if needed.

Having an opportunity to live on the other side of the country can be exciting for anyone. America is a big place to explore, and you can live in a completely different climate by making a cross-country move. Luckily, taking advantage of this opportunity won’t have to break the bank if you follow some of the above advice.

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