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Gamification 101


Nick Pelling, an inventor, and a computer programmer came up with the concept of ‘Gamification,’ in 2002. Then in 2011, when Gartner used it in its ‘Hype Cycle’, the term became an official buzzword.

Today, Gamification is one of the trendiest topics. People and companies are finding ways to implement it in all aspects of life. People want it to enhance the quality of life and companies are looking to motivate employees or increase user engagement through this platform. But do we know what it is?

This article is written to explain what Gamification really is. We will explore its different dimensions and so read on to understand better.

What is Gamification?

The coiner of the term, ‘Gamification’, Nick Pelling defined it as the process of applying game-like UI design to translate automated transactions in a quick and fun manner.

However, the modern definition of Gamification is the application of game-playing elements to other activities. 

In simpler terms, Gamification is the art of taking all the fun of games and applying it to productive real-world activities. Nowadays, it is used as an online marketing tool to increase user engagement. 

As the internet has amalgamated with every field of life, Gamification has become a hit in almost all industries including business, education, apps, and life coaching. If your client or target audience has access to the internet, you can engage them with your product or service through Gamification. 

Likewise, people with access to the internet can get into the Gamification zone to enhance their cognitive reasoning. Talking about the internet, we advocate the ones that offer seamless speeds and supreme customer care – Mediacom brings both to the table. Not only does it provide fast internet speeds, but Mediacom servicio al cliente en Español extends top-notch customer service to its customers all day, every day. 

What is the reason behind its popularity?

Gamification is an ideal solution to the issue that we call user retention. With Gamification, businesses can offer incentives to their customers and the encouragement to collect rewards can immediately lift their engagement with your product or service.

The main thing is that Gamification is the sort of fun that we need without even knowing. Many people confuse Gamification with games, but you should know that they are not the same at all. 

Games have rules to define skill and talent; however, Gamification picks out the finest aspects of games and puts them into non-game entities to inspire us to perform certain actions. Gamification is light, fun, and motivating. It allows us to examine and understand human nature like learning, socializing, mastery, status, and achievement, closely.

Type of Gamification

Gamification is typically categorized as:

  1. Domain Neutral Games

These games are used to interact with potential and existing customers. Domain Neutral games are general and can be applied to any concept. These games are fun, and simple, and induce excitement in the customers to win rewards and freebies. 

  1. Specialized Games

Specialized games are used to teach customers about a product or service. They have a specific domain and are mostly developed as a simulated real-life scenario allowing customers to enhance their decision-making skills. 

The Last Words

Gamification is the next big thing and you are going to have to get familiar with it – better now than later!

So, what do you think ?