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2023 Priority Number 1 – A New Job


My life is overwhelming me. This season of loss, the holidays, and so many conflicting emotions. Therefore, I am taking my own advice and choosing one thing to focus on at a time.

Priority #1 for 2023 is to acquire a new full time position with benefits. I think I’ve mentioned that the full time position I am currently working was supposed to be there. It was offered as a contract to permanent hire position, but a few months in, the company decided they wanted to focus on building a junior staff versus hiring seasoned professionals.

I sincerely appreciate how upfront my direct supervisor has been. This past week she let me know that currently she anticipated that my contract position would end at the end of February. I have been looking but it is time to put my foot on the gas and get serious.

Job search in this economy

I will be honest, this economy is not helping. Every day additional layoffs are announced. The job market is flush with people seeking new opportunities. And frankly, I am not certain how to stand out.

I have contracted Storeyline Resumes to help me focus my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. We are on the final round of revisions. I am hoping to have something solid to restart my search in the new year. But I would love any pointers from the BAD community.

Use a recruiter

I realize that this environment relies heavily on the who you know, not what you know aspect. I’m connecting with as many recruiters as I can. And spreading the request via my social media channels.

Stepping back and regrouping

But for the remainder of this year, I am giving my mind a break. I have posted a “Happy Holidays” and see you in the new year message on all my social media channels. More importantly, I have REMOVED all the social media apps from my phone. No check ins happening until after January 3rd. I am going to focus on spending time with the kiddos and actually resting.




  • Reply JP |

    I have always had a pretty easy time finding a job in my field. The field is still going strong, but I am now in my 50s and lost a job in April last. year. I can tell you that age discrimination is real! It is much worse than race, sex, etc. Seems like you are already seeing it – they are “looking for a junior staff versus seasonal professionals”. yep. I took some stuff off my resume because it shows dates too long in the past. Also, only use recruiters that have fees paid by the potential employer. There are tons of people who will take your money, but you are better off doing it yourself.

  • Reply Angie |

    Contrary to what you think, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits at the end of your contract job. I would definitely apply and let the state determine if you are eligible or not. DH has received unemployment after contract jobs on more than one occasion.

    Remember that while recruiters want to get you in a job so they get paid. They don’t necessarily care about it being a good fit or what your pay is. So don’t forget about pushing back and negotiating pay rates with them.

  • Reply Blissfully in the shadows |


    I was going to suggest the website askamanager.com. From there, tap on TOPICS then tap on RESUMES. All your questions about how to write a good resume answered from formatting to content to what hiring managers hate to see.

  • Reply Ellen |

    LinkedIn is a great way to find a new job. My last two have come from there. I would suggest being active on there. Post career related articles, and other feel good stories.
    I agree with Angie, look to see if you are eligible for unemployment. I was a contractor for many years and when my contracts would end, I was always eligible for unemployment. Good luck on your journey.

  • Reply Julene |

    I can only imagine how overwhelmed in many areas life must feel. Glad to hear that you are stepping back and enjoying your kids during the holidays and putting the focus on family for a small while at least. Rest, soak up the love from them and then start fresh in the new year. Happy Holidays Hope!

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