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Forecasting 2023


Boy, life is different when there are no kids in school (Gymnast is virtual still), no sporting events to attend and you are really just taking care of yourself and the dogs. No matter how much I work, I still end up with ALOT of time on my hands.

I’ve been filling it with DIY projects around the house…see the wall behind me in this picture. I stained left over boards and created this “focal wall” in my office.

But I’m running out of ideas and supplies (finally cleaning out my carport after a year of major house renovations. And I am not inclined to do any more with all the heat. I am so ready for fall!

No more kids to consider

So I’ve turned my attention back to money and planning. For the first time, I have no big plans already in the works for next year. Which seems to crazy for me. But I think it also means that I may have complete liberty with my money, meaning, I won’t feel any “mompressure” to go, see and do for the family. All the kids will officially be “adults”.

Tell me BAD, how did you money mindset and obligations changed that first year when the kids were technically independent? Don’t get me wrong, I know I will still help the kids some. But it won’t be the all consuming thought as it has been for the last 18 1/2 years since Princess was born.

It just already feels different…

Focus on debt

My smallest debt…medical debt. This is the current forecast for paying it off. It doesn’t accrue interest so if I don’t pay anything more than the minimum…it will be gone by next summer.

Medical Debt10/01/22-250
Medical Debt11/01/22-250
Medical Debt12/01/22-250
Medical Debt01/01/23-250
Medical Debt02/01/23-250
Medical Debt03/01/23-250
Medical Debt04/01/23-250
Medical Debt05/01/23-250
Medical Debt (payoff)06/01/23-47

Since it does not accrue interest, it’s on a regular auto-pay schedule and frankly, not one I have to really think about or focus on to get rid of, what debt should I focus on? My mortgage or my student loan? The interest rates are pretty similar and my thought is always, if something happens to me, my student debt dies with me while the mortgage would live on. So to me, that says focus on my mortgage…what are your thoughts?


  • Reply Angie |

    Honestly, I wouldn’t accelerate payments on either remaining debt. I would superfocus on retirement savings and throw in as much as possible. Especially since the stock market is down quite a bit on the year.

    I wouldn’t advise paying down debts under 4% unless you don’t have enough cashflow for your expenses. Inflation is 8%+ which is more than your loans. So while your payment amount is the same indefinitely, your payments are effectively “less and less” money as the years go on.

  • Reply Anonymous |

    My vote is for neither mortgage or student loans but saving for emergency and retirement.

  • Reply Klm |

    Would you please do an update on savings and retirement amounts? At your age (which is about my age as well!) it is critical to be saving aggressively

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