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4 Side Hustles You’ll Actually Enjoy


It seems today that everyone has some sort of side hustle outside of regular work hours. People looking for a way to make money while tinkering with their hobby or simply utilizing a highly desirable skill like construction, the jobs are out there. Maybe you want to work for one of the many roofing companies in Houston during their busy season or perhaps you want to pick up a few shifts at a local restaurant, whatever your interests, there are plenty of options for side hustles that you’ll enjoy to help make ends meet. Here are 4 side hustles you’ll actually enjoy. 



If you watch any amount of television or even videos on YouTube, then why not get paid for it? 

There are companies all over the web searching for in-person and virtual captioners. While some captioning companies require experience and a degree, others like Crowdsurf, start potential employees with an initial assessment to determine a base and then offer tasks until they are ready for high-paying assignments. Crowdsurf is a great place for captioners to start and build experience before moving to a company with more requirements. 



Surveys as a side hustle have been around for a while, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great opportunities to make extra cash with little effort. It’s no surprise that surveys don’t pay out a huge amount of money, but again, for the time and skill required, it’s very doable. There are TONS of sites that offer compensation for surveys but sites like Survey Junkie stand above the rest with clear expectations and points system. 


Dog Walking

Possibly the best job in existence, dog walking has made a huge entrance into the side hustle world. There are apps, websites, and entire companies dedicated to keeping Fido happy and comfortable while the owners are out. Dog walkers can earn anywhere from $10-$30 an hour depending on the task and location. Let’s face it, this is such an amazing gig simply because it comes with the most amazing perks: exercise, happy and loveable clients, and the flexibility to choose when you work and who you work for; it’s a win-win. 



Photography is one of those side hustles that can be very expensive but can also bring in a lot of additional income. Yes, you have to purchase the equipment and go through the process of becoming a legitimate company, but once that’s over, it’s photoshoot central. Focusing on the right kind of shoot is essential for a side hustle. Consider taking single clients like senior photos or maternity shoots to keep the difficulty and timing to a minimum. 


Finances can be stressful and adding a side hustle may not always be the best solution, but if you’re lucky enough to find a side gig you enjoy, it can make all the difference.

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