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Celebrating 10 Years


Facebook reminded me that this month is 10 years since we became a family of 5. So I thought I would take a minute and re-introduce myself. I have been writing here for 5ish years (is it really that long?) and I’m sure there are people who don’t know who I/we are…so here goes.

From 3 to 5

Ten years ago, I was a single mom of two kids. We were living in a home owned by my dad after 3 years of housing instability since splitting from my husband. I started a consulting company when my youngest (Gymnast was 1 year old) and it was my sole income source supporting out family. I had student loans, a car payment and no other debt…

And I had just completed becoming certified as a foster parent the year before after dreaming of being a foster parent since 8th grade. We had had 4 foster kids through our home by this time, but none for a very long time. Then I got the call..

“Emergency removal of twin boys, can you take them?”

That was literally all I was told. Then the twins showed up carting about 1/2 dozen black trash bags full of their possessions…

This is where it began, the first day with the twins!

Life is like a roller coaster

There have been lots of first times since they arrived. First birthday party, first home cooked meal and first trips. And we even had a few other foster kids here through out the years. But the twins stuck and here were are, party of 5 now 10 years later.

First Halloween!

To be frank, I didn’t plan at that time, that they would still be here. Adoption was not in my life plan. But alas, God’s plans are much grander than our own.

We’ve lived through multiple moves, job loss and almost homelessness, physical challenges and so many more unexpected adventures. It has been hard, really hard. There were times when I really, really wanted to quit. But I have been blessed with an amazing support system and chosen family. (My biologic family is great, but we aren’t super close.)

I have made terrible financial decisions along the way…too many to list them all. But long term readers would agree that some of the highlights include: purchasing and selling way to0 many cars, taking on more debt for all the wrong reasons, spending too much on kids – activities, experiences and such, failing to prioritize my debt payments and on and on.

Now we are here

The twins will turn 23 this year. I am back in the corporate world after 15 years as a consultant. We have 1 more child in the family – Beauty joined us just over a year ago so now we are 3 boys and 3 girls (and 4 dogs.) I bought the home we have rented for the last 4 years since summer, the first home I have owned since my marriage ended 14 years ago. Life is good. And I am getting out of debt.

Writing here keeps me accountable. I am notorious for making terrible decisions. But right now, in this moment and time, things are good.  And I am definitely on the road to getting out of debt!!!

I would love to learn more about you…what’s your story? Where are you in your debt payoff journey?


So, what do you think ?