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Last Weekend with the Girls


I promise I will get more financial posts in the works. Our lives are just a whirl right now with school starting back for Gymnast this week, the challenges of sharing a car with everyone going different directions and with Princess and Beauty moving to college this coming week.

Covering College

To be honest, I’m waiting to find out what/if Princess’ dad will contribute to her first semester’s college fees. That will determine if I have any “extra” this month. It is all due by August 30th.

I’ve been making regular payments since we got the total and am prepared to cover the cost in its entirety but am hoping he will step up. He says he is going to but won’t comment on how much or when.

A Whole New World

So if I can get through this next week with all the movement and without too many breakdowns, I will begin this next chapter of my life.

Gymnast and I are sharing a car. Princess will be carless. It’s going to get interesting.

Gymnast takes/will take the car to school most days so I will be stuck home. Which I am totally fine with.

However, right now the plan is that I will drive down and bring Princess home from college every couple of weeks. I’m hoping she can hitch a ride back with her roommate whose mom is requiring she come home on the weekends and does have a car. But if not, I must be prepared to return her as well.

Thankfully, her class schedule is really conducive to long weekends. And her job here at home is happy to have her work the weekends she is in town, so that’s good.

But I can tell the single car is going to cause some challenges…*just breathe



  • Reply Klm |

    I thought Princess spent a lot of $$$ fixing her car. Was it still not functional?

    • Reply Hope |

      She did spend about $600 repairing it after her wreck with a street sign. And it is driveable.
      However, I decided earlier this year that she would not take a car to school. There are financial implications and other personal reasons, I made this decision.
      Currently, her car is listed for sale but all we are getting are offers of trades and requests to buy the luggage rack. At this time, I am planning to keep it for when she returns home. At this time, she is saying she is going to come home every other weekend. Her boyfriend is here and her job is open to her working whenever she is in town.
      We will see how it plays out…as I know how likely things are to change as she gets going with college…and of course, whatever may happen with COVID.
      That way when she is home, we will have the 2 cars for the 3 of us. While Gymnast hasn’t gotten a job yet, it’s just a matter of time.

      • Reply Lisa |

        If it’s drivable why doesn’t Gymnast drive it? Would solve your one car, two drivers problem.

        • Reply Hope |

          That is a whole other story and nothing to do with finances. But needless to say, the offer has been made.

          • Hannah |

            I would encourage you to keep access to your car throughout the day and give him the choice of bus or VW. A kids car is not a right and providing a safe, low risk option is smart. The damage that could be caused by a young driver to your primary mode of transportation isn’t worth it. And driving to school is not a right (no matter what 16 year olds might think)

So, what do you think ?