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1 wreck, 2 wreck, 3 wrecks in one week


I can’t remember if I mentioned, but Princess ran off the road with two of her friends in the car last weekend (I guess two weekends ago when this posts.) Everyone was fine, but we have realized that the car is not. She was driving a 2003 Volkswagen Golf. And while the engine is fine, the body in minimally damaged, we have been told two different stories from two different mechanics:

  • One said one tire has a bad bearing….$380 to repair. And the spindle might be bent which would negate the bearing fix.
  • The next one said, no, not a bearing, it’s a bent tie rod. And he doesn’t fix that. My cousin, who took the car to be looked at, took it to another shop. And still no luck.

So it’s now parked here while I figure out what or if we do anything.

Then a few days later, one of the twins backed into my car while pulling out of our driveway. Ugh! Both passenger doors have to be replaced. Thankfully, he has insurance which is covering the repair. It’s still driveable so the shop is going to order all the parts and then let me know when they are ready to fix it.

This has only been complicated by my having to fly to Texas in a couple of weeks to bring my mom back. Princess must have my car to drive during that time. While the insurance company is providing a rental while the car is in the shop, she can’t drive the rental. We will have to work around that.

The twin’s truck didn’t suffer any damage. I suppose that’s one good thing about driving a big truck. It’s formidable.

Just another crazy adventure in our roller coaster of a life.


  • Reply Emily N. |

    Where did the 2003 Volkswagen Golf come from? Why wasn’t Princess driving her car? You said there were three accident, but only talked about two. Was there a third?

  • Reply Reece |

    Who does the VW belong to? And if Princess was driving shouldn’t your insurance cover that repair?

  • Reply Julene |

    When my daughter was in an accident she couldn’t drive the rental car. The insurance company allowed me to drive the rental car so that she could drive my car. Virtually the same thing but that way no one is without a vehicle.

  • Reply Jen |

    Why is Princess driving a 2003 VW? Is it hers? Where did it come from? If it’s not, why is she driving someone else’s car, and why is it sitting until you decide if you want to do anything with it? I thought the whole deal with you getting the practically-brand-new car is that it would be shared between you and Princess.

  • Reply Drmaddog |

    All very good questions. Princess has been working and should be involved in paying for the repairs. I really hope this wasn’t the car Beauty just bought with a loan from Hope.

  • Reply JP |

    I thought I saw you just post that you were recently hospitalized for Covid? How long ago was that, and is it a good idea to fly?

    • Reply Hope |

      I was released from the hospital either 3 or 4 weeks ago. Time is really a blur. No limitations per doctor.

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